Congressman voices opposition to proposed Las Cruces NM consolidation

Las Cruces, NM (June 17, 2011) Today,Congressman Steve Pearce voiced his opposition to the proposed closing of the mail processing facility in Las Cruces. This move was already attempted in 2007, and failed so completely that the decision was reversed. The USPS has failed to demonstrate that this move would be any different.

“New Mexico cannot afford the lost jobs and delayed mail that will come as a result of this move,” said Pearce. “The public is vocally opposed to this proposal—the job loss alone will have a damaging economic impact that far outweighs any potential savings. It is unacceptable that the Postal Service has failed to take responsible measures to save money, and is trying to pay for these failures on the backs of New Mexico’s businesses.”

Local businesses and postal professionals have communicated to Rep. Pearce that this move would result in delays in mail delivery for much of the Las Cruces, Lordsburg, Silver City, and Deming areas. The proposal would leave the second largest city in New Mexico without a mail sorting facility, which Rep. Pearce—like residents of the Second District—finds unacceptable. While Rep. Pearce understands the need for savings, he is confident that the USPS can find ways to save money without a cost to the local economy.

Congressman Pearce and his office have been watching the issue closely. An overwhelming number of constituents have contacted Rep. Pearce expressing their opposition to the move. A recent public meeting on the proposal was attended by representatives from Rep. Pearce’s office. Public opinion at the meeting was almost unanimously against the proposal.

  • Ross Issa

    Then tell you boys Darrell Issa and Dennis Ross to stop charging the USPS $5.6 Billion every year for nothing…….

  • grateful

    As a postal employee-and one who would likely be excessed I would like to add that the move would do more harm than good. When machines break down there is a delay-so what’s would happen if machine broke down in el paso-all zones would have to wait on that one truck–carriers would be out past twilight hours-keep local mail and sorting here in las cruces. Protect your rights, your mail, and your service…

  • 70 Trojan

    OK the PO is owed 5.6 every year but L’fant needs to show that they are willing to bargain by making at least 800+ exec’s pay for they’re health insurance. Streamline their daily reports, and down size some of their VP’s. When they do that, then they can start talking about closing some facilities.

  • Ronnie

    I’m sure Congressman Steve Pearce wants to cut cost…just not in his district….

  • John

    I don’t know. Are we voters this gullible or is that just how politicians like Steve Pearce view us?

    Congressman Pearce recently spoke out against the proposed closing of the USPS sorting center in Las Cruces. He supports less government spending while opposing raising revenues by cutting tax loopholes or doing away with the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy. What does he think less government spending means if not the closing of government facilities, like the USPS sorting center in his district, and the shutting down of government services.

    And now we hear that for the first time in history, the credit rating of our country has been downgraded due to the irresponsibility of congressmen like Steve Pearce. This entire ongoing financial crisis is one created by congress. It started with the war in Iraq and the decision in congress to fund it by taking out a loan. Steve Pearce voted “yes” to both. It was the first time in history that our government started a war then decided not to pay for it.

    Congressman Pearce supports smaller government in the form of less regulation and government oversight. Lack of oversight brought us the bank failures and subsequent near bankruptcy of the auto industry. There again, we paid to alleviate both of those crises with borrowed money. A decision Steve Pearce agreed with.

    Now, by allowing the government to shut down the FAA at a cost of $30 million per day while supporting the endless bickering in congress, Steve Pearce has contributed to this latest self induced crisis which has resulted in the downgrading of our nation’s credit report.

    I am thoroughly disgusted by all of this, as we all should be. Congress, and our own representative Steve Pearce, is driving our country with his eyes closed. He is operating recklessly and without regard to the safety of you and me, his fellow citizens. With his disregard of our country’s financial well being, Congressman Pearce has jeopardized not just the state of our economy, by our national security as well.

    China holds the majority of our national debt. They are our banker. Consider what happened in our country when the economy collapsed and homeowners lost their jobs. The banks foreclosed on their property and the former homeowners – and their families – were destitute and on the street. For them, the crisis was devastating.

    The same could be true for our nation as a whole. Steve Pearce shares responsibility for putting our national security at risk. Reportedly, it is doubtful that China will start dumping the US debt that it holds. China itself would lose more than a trillion dollars if it did. But that’s what the war in Iraq cost. If Steve Pearce was willing to spend that amount of money to start an arguably unnecessary war on the opposite side of the planet, might not China, a communist country with vastly different values than ours, be willing to spend that amount to damage the United States? They could do that without raising so much as a pea shooter, much less risking the lives of their armed forces.

    How will we ever catch up? With the downgrading of our nation’s credit score, interest rates will rise on the money we borrow in the future. More of our hard earned tax dollars will be spent to pay off the interest on the debt, less to pay off the principal. Congress is digging us into a hole and when you connect the dots, you find Steve Pearce has been holding one of the shovels ever since his first term.

    I’m going to hold Steve Pearce accountable in the next election and I hope the rest of us do, too. I hope the Republican Party can find someone to seriously challenge him in the primaries, a responsible thinker, and that the Democrats nominate someone of a similar ilk.