Canada Post responds to union job action by promoting online bill payment

From Canada Post:

On Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19, Canada Post will publish full-colour ads in 19 Canadian newspapers, promoting epost as the ideal solution to receive, pay, and manage bills.

In doing so, Canada Post recognizes the inconvenience that Canadians have had to endure as a result of the current labour situation. In addition to keeping you informed on the state of negotiations with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), by promoting epost, we wish to inform our customers that Canada Post offers an alternative way for Canadian businesses and consumers to stay connected at all times.

This is in the spirit of many recent promotional campaigns launched by billers, such as phone, cable, and power companies, and credit card issuers, leveraging the current labour situation to convince Canadians to switch to electronic direct billing solutions.

In the full page ad, headlined “An Important Message To Canada Post Customers”, Canada Post apologizes “for the inconvenience being caused by the current postal disruption.”

The ad acknowledges that Canadians are increasingly being solicited to sign up to receive their bills electronically. Consumers have to go to several different websites and maintain passwords, which many find both confusing and time-consuming.

The ad positions epost as an alternative to multiple individual online relationships with billers. It is centered on epost’s unique proposition of combining biller relationships into a single online destination, using the simple tag line: “one password, one login – your bills all in one place”.

With epost, consumers are less likely to forget to pay a bill and incur late charges.

The ad urges Canadians to get their free epost online mailbox at

The ad will appear in either Saturday or Sunday editions of 19 Canadian newspapers, including the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, and Montreal’s La Presse, with combined circulations of over 3.3 million copies.

This ad complements a number of marketing and advertising activities, such as an email campaign that reached over 400,000 epost users, front-page visibility on, banner advertising on high-profile online media, and truck signage.

View this weekend’s full-page newspaper ad here.

  • grubby

    How many Canadian people,or even U.S.people actually read a published newspaper anymore?? We read online newspapers,as long as their free.We pay our bills online.It’s just easy and convienant.We go paperless,no stamps to buy,no long lines to stand in at the Post Office.We send e-cards on those special occasions.We don’t call on the phone anymore to talk to that special someone.We text them.That’s what the world has come to.Very unpersonable.Welcome to the 21st century.The decline continues.Why even bother having mail service anymore??Seems like most people can do without it.Unless of course they are faced with the possibility of losing it!!

  • bubba

    too many hackers online i wont do online payments i only trust the mail. as far as sending an e-card how STUPID is that!!!!!!remember so called junk mail keeps thousands of people employed,the people writing the ads,publishing companies,people taking pictures of items in the advertisements,people posing in the ads,the printers,and soo many more so if you dont think mail is important think again of the ripple effect its just not the employees of the usps but thousands of other related jobs will be affected which could be your neighbor,realitive,etc.