Canada Post shuts down urban operations nationwide

Following 12 days of increasingly costly and damaging rotating strikes being carried out by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), Canada Post has suspended operations across the country. The accelerating decline in volumes and revenue combined with the inability to deliver mail on a timely and safe basis has left the company with no choice but to make this decision.

Specifically we have taken this action for the following reasons:

  • Rotating strikes have had a significant impact on the short-term revenue of the business. Canada Post’s estimated losses are approaching $100 million after today’s strike in Montreal and Toronto and that figure is climbing daily;
  • Over the past few days several incidents have raised concerns about the ability to move the mail while keeping our employees and customers safe;
  • Canada Post and CUPW remain far apart on several fundamental issues and there has been no progress made at the negotiating table for weeks;
  • If we allow the uncertainty created by the rotating strikes to continue, our ability to remain financially self-sufficient and not become a burden on Canadian taxpayers will be in jeopardy.

We believe that a lockout is the best way to bring a timely resolution to this impasse and force the union to seriously consider proposals that address the declining mail volumes and the $3.2-billion pension deficit.

Canada Post continues to believe that the best result from this round of bargaining is a negotiated settlement. The company had hoped to reach an agreement without a disruption in Canada’s postal service which is why the company made every effort to protect the pay, pension and job security of existing employees.

  • Jack

    Look folks, this strike is just
    sending more people to do
    all their transactions online.
    Once they do that they will
    never comeback.

  • Marilyn

    I happen to agree with Jack, once people start doing their business online they won’t be going back to ‘snail mail’!

  • beatnik

    How are going to deliver parcels online idiot.

  • Phyl

    Ever heard of UPS fool?

  • brian

    No, what is “UPS fool”, and how do they deliver parcels online? Some kind of Star Trek transporter beam?

  • Gregg

    This is serious stuff.Unlike our canadian counterparts,we can not walk out or strike.Alot of people are AFRAID to pay their bills online.Everybody should have a choice in how they pay their bills,send b-day cards,etc…

  • Mary

    The postal service in Canada is an essential service. As a small business, we cannot bill our clients via email. So many of them do not even own computers. Snail mail is here to stay no matter how high tech and innovative a society we become. I, for one, cannot wait for this strike to be over and done with. I hope the postal workers are fairly treated but I do not even have a pension with my employer after 26 years of service so you won’t get much sympathy from me.

  • brian

    Mary- I don’t think postal workers are looking for your sympathy. The fact that you have worked for 26 years for a company that doesn’t provide a pension of any kind is sad, but that’s one of the reasons unions were organized in the first place. You obviously chose not to work in a place that had a union- you need to live with the choice you made- you won’t get much sympathy from me.