PRC Chairman says PO closings may be illegal

Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Ruth Goldway this week wrote to Postmaster General Pat Donahoe raising concerns about numerous post office closings around the country. Goldway noted that the PMG had assured the Commission earlier this year that the USPS would not close a “significant” number of offices without getting an advisory opinion from the PRC.

In her letter Goldway suggests that the USPS is already engaged in a nationwide program of office closings, and may therefore be breaking the law:

… numerous articles have appeared in the press identifying facilities in a number of states that have been closed, or that have been evaluated for potential closing, or shortly will be evaluated for potential closing. The Commission has received an increased number of post office closing appeals, hundreds of inquiries from citizens, and has had communications with concerned members of Congress. Thus, it appears that the Postal Service may already be engaged in a nationwide change in service without prior notification to the Commission as title 39 requires.

Goldway goes on to suggest that the USPS promptly file a request for an advisory opinion.

Chairman’s letter to PMG_1862.pdf application/pdf Object.

  • carrier

    Why? Where they can take forever to not make a decision. Like they did with 5 day delivery? These people are nothing but money wasting jokes!!!

  • Jerusalem

    I’m willing to bet that the request for Advisort Opinions will only be filed after the PO decides which offices to close. After all, who really wants the PRC to determine if it’s okay to close an office that the PO decides to keep open after submitting the original request to the PRC?

  • Jerusalem

    Sorry, “Advisory Opinions.”

  • carrier too

    I think the PMG has the right ideas to save this place. It’s congress and the PRC that take forever to make, or should I say not make, a decision. 5 day delivery is the way.

  • Mike

    Or they can try to do it like they did locally and say that the office will close because the landlord wouldn’t renew the lease. The media contacted the landlord and found out that the USPS was not returning his phone calls.

  • Beth

    No matter what the Postal Service is going to do what they want to do. Its the Postal Way !!!!!!!!!!!! Customer service who cares its because we said so that’s why. Upper Management has to still get there bonuses and raises and no PRC is going to tell them what to do.
    It’s pathetic how they have wrecked the postal service. The job of the Postal Service was to move the mail the bull that is going on now is a disgrace.
    Managment is running it into the ground no more customer service just foolishness. Management all they care about is how can we hurt our hard working employees today? Zero tolerence ya right another joke make up all these rules and regulations and when its managment doing the harrassing oh that doesn’t mean us we are management!!!!!!!!!!! The public has no idea the stuff that goes on within.

  • Mark

    The USPS is doing what any business should do when faced with the dramatic changes affecting their business model, or become the next Kodak or Blockbuster. Closing retail outlets where revenue is 5 dollars and hour, and expenses are 50 dollars an hour is just common sense. Customers have choices such as going to the post office where they bank, shop, or get gas. Or better yet, go to the local walmart, walgreens, safeway, etc., or use the online products the USPS offers. I haven’t been in a post office in 6 months, and don’t plan to be in one in the next six months unless I need my passport renewed. It is absolutely insane to think that this effort is to hurt Postal employees, who are better paid, better compensated, and have protections no public employee experiences.

  • brian

    The point you’re missing is that these offices are a tiny portion of USPS expenses- closing them damages small towns seriously, but contributes a negligible amount to the USPS bottom line. It’s also misleading to look only at the revenue the offices take in locally- they are also entitled to a share of the postage on the mail they deliver. A big city PO might take in far more in revenue than it spends, but the majority of that revenue is actually spent on processing and delivering the mail elsewhere. Closing a PO because it takes in less revenue than it spends is the same as saying that USPS should close all of its processing and distribution centers because they don’t bring in any money.


    Even if we closed thousands of offices the mail will still get delivered. Anyone with a computer can buy postage and anyone who isn’t computer literate will be dead soon. The point is that anyone can have their mail picked up at their home – free of charge. Get real – we could close 4 out of 5 post offices and very few people would care. Wake up – we are going bankrupt due to labor costs and craft employees who work a little overtime take home as much, if not more than management on an hourly basis. People like you are in denial. Scrap OWCP, scrap FMLA, scrap most union rules which protect the lazy and pay people an honest wage for an honest day’s actual work and we might survive another 15-20 years.

  • brian

    Denial? No, I’m relying on actual facts- like the fact that the real cause of the USPS financial crisis is the $30 billion we’ve been forced to pay into a trust fund. It is a fact, not an opinion, that the USPS would have been profitable without those payments, even with the recession.
    You on the other hand, are repeating the teabagger lies that you hear from your heroes Rush and Hannity and Palin. I think it’s sheep like you who need to wake up.