• Tom Donovan

    How much can we afford??? He still doesn’t get that the government does not pay our way………….stamps do.

  • Senior

    Mr. Ross:

    Please, spare me …

  • Buz

    Tom, that’s only true to a point. Much of the problem is, when a organization is only required to break even, it has no real incentive to turn a profit or be compete with private sector. Until it is privatized like UPS and FedEx, nothing will change. It will just be buisiness as usual. Just like wall street is doing. Say what you want about UPS and FedEx, but last year they both turned a profit. Instead of their management just being there to check attendance and try to get rid of people, they actually supervise their operations. They also look at where their buisiness is going to be ten years down the road. The Postal Service only looks about ten months down the road at best. I;ve been in the Postal Service for 35 years and have not and will never go into to a management style like we have. I also don’t have a buisiness degree from Harvard. But , what I do have, is common sense. And sometimes that’s all you need.

  • Buz

    And another thing…

  • Ronnie

    @Buz….learn how to spell “business” before you preach on how to run it….UPS and FedEx also do not deliver to every business and residential delivery on a daily basis…they run a profit because they are only delivering where and what they want to deliver….they could not do what the USPS does and run a profit…

  • Marvin

    No you don’t have common sense buzzard, you are lacking it very much. You do sound like a buzzard on prey to get your hands on money you didn’t make, just like ups and fedex off the back of the USPS. You haven’t been with this organization USPS no 35 years maybe with UPS! Ronnie knows!

  • Jim Bob

    This guy doesn’t know his butt from a hole in the ground. Why not start with Gov. Agencies like the Depts. Of education, energy the EPA and homeland security. Not to mention The IRS, HUD, the FDA, Health & Human Services and the list goes on. At least we payed our way until T Paws buddies screwed us in 2006. Right now we are the target for all that is wrong with the US Gov. Which he thinks he can clean up. It’s all talk and no action. How about a proposal of “massive cuts” to the political dinos also known as the US House and Senate. Let’s start with a 50% across the board pay cut and staff reduction for these bozos, then come talk to us about right sizing the USPS.

  • GERRy

    first of all Ross is an idiot how he got elected i’ll never know. how many meetings does he have to have to get the point .he just doesnt get it.Fed Ex and UPS turns a profit because they control where they deliver to, plain and simple.

  • bubba

    ross you are the biggest loser!!!!!!!!!the only thing ross cares about is making enough money for himself so his family can live a good life and screw the rest of us!!!!!!!ross you and issa both need to resign from your jobs dumb and dumber!!!!!!!!

  • Buz

    Right on Bubba. Go to youtube and type “Issa Grand Theft” in the search box. Alot of people are in prison for doing alot less than what he did. Alot of countries would have put him on the gallows with a short rope. For a person like him to be put in the position of power he has, should scare us all. It scares me, and I don’t scare easily.

  • jc

    Wow lets see one of the reasons Fedex makes a profit is because they Tote our Express mail around for a cool billion a year. I think it is a joke to even compare the Postal Service to any Private Sector Corporation. We make more in 3 days then Fedex makes all year. We make more in 7 days the UPS makes all year. Our job is too provide universal Service Regardless of cost. We are not a business but a Qausi Government agency. We can do better at managing the money we do have. We can cut even more fat from the top. Stop Micro managing the rank and file. Let the Sups do the job they are supposed to be doing right now they can’t scratch they’re behinds without getting a OK from someone in district. Why not get rid of Postmasters completely now that is a Job that was once a Congressional Appointment. 40,000 post offices nation wide. Wow that was save a bunch!

  • kurt

    just wondering, how much do these meetings cost the taxpayer,,ross?