CUPW: Canada Post Rejects Union’s Offer to Suspend Strike Action

June 10, 2011 – 20:00

Urban Postal Unit Negotiations (2011) / Bulletin

Negotiations Bulletin no. 63
Canada Post’s Response

Today, in response to a request from Labour Minister Lisa Raitt, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers agreed to suspend our strike activity. Our only condition was that the terms of our collective agreement would be reinstated. At 6 p.m. this evening, we received conformation that Canada Post management was rejecting our offer. Management’s current attitude is much different than it was in 1991 when CUPW suspended our strike action to assist mediation efforts. At that time, CPC agreed to reinstate the collective agreement.

Drug Coverage to Resume

Yesterday, we raised the issue of CPC’s decision to stop drug coverage. We explained this was causing enormous hardship for many of our members, especially those on disability insurance who were taken completely by surprise by CPC’s unilateral decision. Today, following the Union’s intervention, CPC’s Chief Operating Officer Jacques Côté informed us that drug coverage would be reinstated but with a deductible of $100.00 per prescription. The plan would cover 80% of all covered medicines. The Union has requested that the Corporation provide this in writing in order to fully understand the commitment in question.

CPC Keeps Moving Backwards

At yesterday’s meeting, CPC reneged on more of their previously published positions. They told us that they were withdrawing their proposal for arbitration of their demand for a Short-Term Disability Plan. Instead, they are back to demanding that the plan be implemented effective January 1, 2012.

Also they have withdrawn their agreement to CUPW’s proposal for a joint committee to examine financial services and banking and reneged on their commitment for more time values for work related to admail. As expected, they explained their decisions by distorting CUPW’s statements, misinterpreting our demands and exaggerating the costs of our proposals.

CUPW: Still at the Table

Negotiations meetings are scheduled for this evening and will continue over the weekend.

For our part, we have notified CPC that we are still prepared to make more adjustments in our previously-submitted global offer, provided that we see some genuine movement on the part of CPC on our demands that aim to address real problems the members live day to day in the work place.

What’s Ahead of us

Today and over the weekend, CUPW’s National Executive Board will meet and assess the situation; everyone will be informed of the decisions as they occur.

In solidarity,

Denis Lemelin
National President and Chief Negotiator