NAPUS: USPS told “many” PMRs their jobs are being terminated

June 3rd, 2011

This past week, many PMR’s in EAS-15 & 16 offices received a notice that their current positions would be terminated on August 23, 2011, but they would be given a special opportunity to apply for the newly created Postal Support Employee (PSE) position. PSEs are a new category of non-career employee, who will be appointed for a term not to exceed 360 calendar days. Based on operational needs, a PSE may be re-appointed for another not to exceed 360 day term after a 5 day break in service. PSE employees will be entitled to benefits including raises, health benefits and leave, with a $12 to $15.85 hourly wage range.

NAPUS leaders will meet with USPS officials on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 to discuss the PSE position and how it will impact PMR’s and the coverage of Postmasters on their non-scheduled days and leave replacement periods. Postal Headquarters officials will also brief NAPUS leaders on details of the recently ratified APWU contract agreement. The recently issued letter to PMR’s appears to have been prematurely released by USPS Headquarters prior to any discussion with the leaders of the two Postmaster organizations, but PMR’s who received the letter are encouraged to apply for PSE vacancies as instructed in the letter.

PMR’s are encouraged to visit the NAPUS website after the Tuesday meeting to receive additional details on the PSE opportunities.

Charlie Moser

June 3, 2011

via NAPUS.

  • Herb Balser

    This can be beneficial to the APWU members as well as Postmasters. PMRs who are able to become PSEs will also benefit. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

  • Jack

    It is about time we started closing
    stations and firing people. We have
    so many extra supervisors at my
    station they practically trip over each
    other. Some how were always down
    several routes everyday, what a joke.



    As a CSRS City Letter Carrier with 34 years of service, I continue to take it day to day.

    With all that has been happening TO the City Letter Carrier Craft the last few years, myself and other CSRS City Letter Carriers continue to hang in there and make it a point that SERVICE to the public is still #1, at least to us.

    Dear USPS….if you want rid of “most” of the carriers I just mentioned, a $25,000 “Handshake” will do it. You can replace us with T-Es that are younger, trying to support their families, and desperately need a job.

    Seems to me that is what Upper Mgmt. wants the carrier force to look like in the near future, so why not get on with it?

    I continue to do my job and be patient…

    Speaking for Thousands….


  • Moe

    Oh my goodness, we accidently sent out a termination letter? The USPS bigshots are so damn stupid and the APWU stuck it again where the sun doesn’t shine to them.
    All 15’s and 16″ had PMR’s at around 11-12 bucks an hour, no leave, no benefits. Now we let them go, hire them back at 12 bucks+ an hour plus leave, benefits and raises.
    So now these offices will not only have to hire a career employee but will also have to give this employee the title of “lead clerk” which is a level 7 for their replacements. This clerk is at a level 7 for every hour they work whether they are just clerking or replacing the PM. Can you still see all the savings here? Level 15’s & 16’s can no longer use a POA (Post Office Administrator) or a 204B because those have been eliminated also. Congress should take our PMG, and his complete officer staff and fire every damn one of these jackasses. PERIOD!!!

  • Rich

    I think the clerks are the only ones that get what’s going on. What I mean by that is if you look at the numbers as far as what craft or organization in the Postal Service has given the most to help the service with cutting cost, the clerks have been affected way more than anyone else. Understandably that automation and the drop in mail volume has alot to do with this. But the thing that angers me is that at least in my office you never see a Manager or Supervisor case or deliver mail on a regular basis much less on a limited basis come to think of it they never case or deliver a route. But every single day Managers and Supervisors are performing clerk work on top of that custodians that have nothing to do are also performing clerk work. I know what you are thinking “file grievances dummy”. We are not a large nor a small office and we have filed more grievances than any office in our state. Management does not care even though we have won at least 90% of them. I said all of that to say this, Jack is right, the Postal Service has used function 4’s and anything else to reduce the clerk craft to the point that to get the work done management has to step in and act as clerks. Watch them they have absolutely nothing else to do. You can’t miss them they are the fat ones walking around with nothing to do. The Districts know this and they have told the Managers and Supervisors that when clerks retire or are excessed do not repost the jobs, revert them. The emails also instruct the managers and supervisors to pick up the extra work themselves. I cannot divulge how I know this let’s just say I have a Postmaster that all of the Managers and Supervisors hate so they let me read the emails. I guess I divulged. The Clerks are outnumbered by the carriers 5 to 1. You would think that the carriers would surpass the clerks easily as far as grievance money ever year. It’s completely the opposite, the clerks get more grievance money back every year at least 3 to 1. That’s because the clerks have been cut so much that the carriers have nothing to do but stand around all morning waiting for mail. Therefore management steps in and starts performing clerk work. Don’t get me wrong I love free money just as much as the next person but fix the problem already. Get rid of all these supervisors that have nothing to do. Heck if they are going to perform clerk work make them full fledged clerks.

  • PM retired

    PMR is Postmaster relief. Non career employee!

  • Tony

    VERA for Postmasters now please!

  • just a pound footer


    You are SOOOO!!! right. No overtime for the clerks which means BUCKO for the carriers. This week with Monday being a Holiday they did not bring a clerk to spot the mail early and we have 2 zones with 4 clerks.

    On tuesday only 3 clerks (1 N/S) for 35 carriers, guess what??? the hot case was not done, parcels, express mail, etc. by the time we were supposed to leave. We are instructed to hit the street by 9:00 AM and of we go with 8 to 9 hours of mail plus some pieces from routes that are broken down.

    I had 8 1/2 hours on my route and a 1 hour piece when a supervisor shows up on the street at 2:30 PM with the rest of the mail, parcels that the clerks finished after all 35 carriers left.

    The instruction is to backtrack and deliver all the 1’st class mail. Until then I had 9 1/2 hours projected but with this change it took me 10 1/2.

    OVERTIME RULES for the 35 carriers, they would not pay 2 hours overtime to a clerk but paid between 30-35 to the carriers and this happens over and over again and they claim MGMT that the PO is lossing money.

    With this kind of mentality they will loose their SHIRT’s

  • Robin

    Yes, I was one of the PMRs who got the letter. It sucks big time. Word out so far states: Pay scale goes down to grade 4, I could get a job at the county home making the same money. We can run their post offices effectively as a postmaster for years including being OICs which are postmasters. It also stated level 11 & 13 offices not effected, why not all PMRS. PMRs have never been classified as Trans or Casual. I have never gotten anything from the APWU ever. The League and NAPUS has always been for us. The APWU came in thru the back door and took us out. Alot of us have 20 years or slightly less in service and should be made full time career just like PTR/PTFs. The PO is EVIL.

  • Robin


    I love your comments. The Post Office is its own worst enemy. They are clueless. They only care about the bottom line, not employees or customers.


    Eliminate all the blood sucking unions – nothing will get done so long as the union bosses can use your money to pay for their million dollar lifestyles and the lazy union officers and stewards who don’t want to work.

    Pay every craft employee twenty bucks an hour. No steps, no seniority BS – if you do the exact job you should earn the same wage. Totally reform OWCP to get the 75% of the fraudulent users off the rolls. Cut benefits to 40% of base wage. (Just above minimum wage – you don’t want to work or can’t work then don’t expect to live high on the hog. Eliminate sick leave and replace all leave with 5 weeks of personal time – scheduled or non scheduled to eliminate all the FMLA fraud and stop penalizing those who don’t abuse thier sick leave. All routes – city and rural – get evaluated to stop all the bums in the letter carrier craft from making more than those who work twice as hard and half as long. Close all Level 16 and below offices, go to 5 day delivery and allow another day for delivery standards…and we MIGHT last another decade.

  • HR

    PMR usage was banned in EAS 18 offices as well; not just EAS 16 and 15 post offices.
    (See new APWU contract, p. 186)

  • PMR

    They try to make this sound like the greatest thing for PMRS.
    This cuts my pay down to $12.38 grade from a grade 13 at $19.11. This is a large step backwards. Give me my $7.00 dollars and I will pay my own insurance, put money back for my own retirement, etc.

    Years ago, PMRS were like clerks. They got retirement, etc.

  • PMR

    so what happens to US??? the level 13 and below PMRs?? are we just nothing at all or what??? let me tell you the USPS is not what ppl thinks its cracked up to be. Try working on every sat. and when you do need off that one time a year its a big deal.. I think it really sucks and not fair to the so call nothing PMRS… but where would they be without us??

  • PM

    Moe, you should get your facts straight. Most PMR’s have been here a long time and are making 16-19 dollars. This is a cut in pay to them. They are not career employees, and will not be paid lead clerk. Most 15 and 16 offices are self ran by the Postmaster, we have no 204’s. This new position is called PSE’s. (Postal Support Employees) They receive no retirement benefit and have to reapply after 360 days. They will be starting at around 12.65 an hour (much less than they were making) and will not qualify for any leave or health benefits till after the first 360 days.

  • Vincent

    The pmr’s replace Postmaster’s/; we do the exact same job as the PM’S LESS PAY , NO BENEFITS. We must be there when ever needed. They train you endlessly on every aspect of the Office, and then after fifteen years cut your pay. They are a worthless company to work for, and some PSE will not stay after they see how they are treated. Good Luck New PSE.

  • wendy

    I am a new PSE and quit the next day which is today. I was told I would be at the window, dressed nice and they had me moving mail can casing all day for 5 hours. I was not given a schedule I had to call and he said come at 5am. and would not commit to anything over the phone. I was not given a BREAK for anything for 5 hours and left at 6 so that I would not take a lunch although it is not legal to take only a 10 min break 5 hours in to ones shift of physical labor. I am astounded as to why anyone would work for such a place. The orginization in the USPS is the reason for its failure. Starbucks is a much better company to work for!!!!

  • Lagomorph

    @CUBBUC , under the bill presented by the oversight committee, the new board will conduct layoffs in reverse order of seniority with NO payouts for retirement eligible employees. Just keep hanging in there…

  • James

    I just started working as a PSE Clerk in the Palm Springs area. The P.O. that I work out of has no supervisor, and two of the window career clerks are by far the laziest pieces of sh@t that I have worked with. After only a month into my position, I can see one of the reason’s why the Postal Service is going under. Lazy workers who cry a lot, and not to mention pissy moods. And not to mention, 34 hours is missing on my paycheck. Don’t work for the USPS.