CUPW: Canada Post Strike Action Begins

From the Canadian Union of Postal Workers:

June 2, 2011 – 18:40

Strike / Bulletin

Negotiations Bulletin no. 54

After more than seven months of difficult and frustrating negotiations, CUPW has initiated strike activity. Tonight, members of the Winnipeg local will be the first postal workers to legally strike in more than thirteen years.

The purpose of our strike is to encourage CPC management to return to the bargaining table with a proposal that meets the needs of current and future postal workers.

The Union entered into these negotiations determined to address many workplace problems, such as excessive workload, inadequate staffing, and the constant harassment of workers when they are sick or injured. We also came with proposals to address the problems resulting from the introduction of the new equipment and sequencing of mail as part of CPC’s $2 billion Modern Post program. Examples of our proposals include greater rotation of duties, ergonomic studies, proper time values and the implementation of a one bundle delivery method for points of call other than centralize delivery and stop and go.

Little Progress on our Demands

During the past seven months, we have been able to make some important progress. We have convinced CPC to drop some of the concessions that they initially demanded. However, we have yet to receive a serious offer from management which addresses the very real problems experienced by postal workers. Management has yet to drop its major demands to eliminate our sick leave and impose an inferior short-term disability plan and significantly lower pay rates and pensions for new hires.

Negotiations Continue

Yesterday we met with senior management in an effort to break the current impasse. They made some minor adjustments to their proposal including the suggestion of final offer binding arbitration of the demand to eliminate our sick leave plan. There was almost no movement on our issues. Today there were meetings of both the delivery and operations sub-tables. There was some movement on the part of CPC but nothing on the major outstanding issues. Today we again met with the Minister of Labour, Lisa Raitt. We informed her that we would commence strike action tomorrow to provoke CPC to engage in serious negotiations. Currently the National Executive Board is reviewing the issues. We expect to meet senior post office management tomorrow.

Future Strike Activity

The NEB will evaluate the situation on a daily basis and determine our strike strategy based on developments at the bargaining table. All members are encouraged to visit to learn about up-to-date developments in negotiations and to see when your local will be called into action.

In solidarity,

Denis Lemelin

National President and Chief Negotiator

via CUPW – 2011-06-02 – Strike Action Begins.

  • PAT

    As we wait for Canada Post to decide what will be the bottom line; it will take a toll on business. Canada Post has a service that been #1 but they want to keep cutting the employees benefits and want to risk their health and safety. New machines which will lead to a new method of handing mail and delivery for carriers. They will have to juggle small letter mail with larger size mail and also handle flyers all on the street. Parcels will be delivered separate. Right now we street mail at the plant and have all sizes and flyers put together before we get out on the street to deliver. It is difficult enough to accurate. Besides walking with three different piles to juggle together we have to be aware of our surroundings and avoid any safety risks. Dog leashes left on the ground, debris, slippery steps or walkways, hole or rock to turn your ankle and many more things you try to avoid throughout the day. Which hand are going to scan things with? I just have two hands, two legs and two eyes.

    When is Canada Post ever going to ask workers about the method of delivering? We have workers that have delivered over several decades. They should have had some input, instead of hiring someone who never delivered to design this new method.

    Canada Post has spent millions to purchase new machines when leaving things as is and hire more people to deliver new walks would have been a better way to go. The way they think is to get a fancy machine and see if we get rid of people and keep machines. No mater what we still need people at all jobs it can’t be done with out people.

    Look to see how they can cut back would be to look at the CEO’s and how much they waste on these higher management positions that spend for things that the Queen herself . CEO”s do not deserve extravagant incomes, expense accounts, extra vehicles and the least goes on and on.

    Workers get an hourly wage to do work and nothing more then that. We are not making any extra money.

    Our society has to look at the whole picture and now is the time to cut the CEO’s out of the extra trimming they have been receiving form the tax payers money. Like politicians they serve little and receive pensions that no one who works all their lives for over 30 or 40 years will ever receive.

    Yes we right now have a good wage but after years of walking we don’t come out without permanent aches and pain and injuries.

    We are just wanting to protect what we have; sick time and pension is all we have in the end.

    Yes there are lots of people who don’t have what we have but that is why we are trying to protect ourselves.

    No one knows what it is like to do this job until they actually do it day after day, year after year, bad days of weather,
    driving in all conditions, your mistakes affect your drivers license not Canada Post’s. I could not get into all the stress we feel each day because there are many.

    Everyone has good bad with their jobs and many receive less wages and no benefits we know that.

    At this point in our lives we are just trying to protect what we presently have and we are not asking for anything more then that.

  • hawkeyerad

    We wish our Candian brothers and sisters a great victory in their struggle. Our fight here is the same and we just settled for a terrible contract. But we do not have the same recent history of struggle that CUPW has. Best wishes and working class solidarity forever.

  • Shaun Taylor

    I don’t really see businesses suffering with the strike. There are so many alternative companies that they can use to fulfill their shipping needs. Its a perfect opportunity to look at better ways to save by taking benefit of the numerous choices available in the market.