Burrus asks “Will The Post Office Survive?”

Former APWU President Bill Burrus has posted the follwing on his web site:

Over the past 50 years pundits and politicians have speculated about the imminent demise of the United States Postal Service and to date they have been proven wrong. Despite the outstanding record of existing for 30 years without government subsidy, a cottage industry emerged at the Cato Institute, a right wing think tank, that existed solely to impress upon Americans that postal services should become profit centers for investors. Throughout this period it has been predicted that successive advances in technology has rendered hard copy messages obsolete and that the Postal Service is a relic of the past to be remembered through the pony express. The real underlying message was not that hard copy and the Postal Service would go away but that profits should be generated from postal activities.

via burrusjournal.org – Editorial.

  • Buz

    You got your goldplated retirement. Why do you even care. If you cared so much, you would have continued working through negotiations. Gimmie a break.

  • enough already

    All right already why don’t you just enjoy your retirement in that multi million dollar home http://www.burrus.com

    I am sure any postal employee that was craft dosen’t have a home anywhere near that,

    JUST GO QUIETLY INTO HE SUNSET before you piss us all off. Are you trying to have us erase you from our memory because your doing a good job ot that,

  • So there!

    You idiots making comments here obviously haven’t seen what’s it’s like when no unions are around to keep wages, hours, and working conditions at a decent level. Do you think all those big businesses are going to pay you a decent wage just because they like you? Obviously not, since jobs are moving to third-world countries as fast as you can ridicule others who are trying to keep the jobs here!

  • OnceAmazedNowAmused

    Brother Burrus deserves the respect and thanks of every APWU represented worker; both todays and those who have retired. For idiots like Buz to disrespect a man who spent years in the struggle is absurd!

    I didn’t always agree completely with Brother Burrus’ actions but given the good he did for me and my family I accepted the minimal bits that I didn’t approve and gratefully accepted the enormous bits he did to improve my life and working conditions.

    ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT BROTHER BURRUS. You earned it and you deserver it and I, along with many others, will never disrespect your decision to go.

    I do admit that I think the APWU would have a much better CBA if you had been there negotiating and I think it was callous of the ‘new’ leaders to shun your offer of any help once you did retire.

  • 4OURCE

    Burris reminds me of a billboard with a picture of George W on it that said, “Do you miss me yet?”. That was about a year after the little boy took office. On numerous threads I have said I was never a Biller/Burris fan, But I wish he was still at HQ. I don’t believe he would ever have submitted the joke of a contract to us that Guppy did.

  • ab

    Past performance does not equate future returns.

  • Joe B.

    Thank you Mr. Burrus,God Bless and enjoy.

  • Disgruntled Clerk

    Considering we can’t have as much stamp stock as we used to (which brings them in the door), stamps issued long after the events (Valentine’s Day?) can’t do passports in my area (Sure, we’ll send them out the door with that revenue), even longer lines (should be United States Postal Business, and all the service….service?? What service???)) all management (in my experience) are all liars. If it dies, those might be reasons why!

  • peter h-m

    While much of Bill’s post is correct, one would ask where he was in actually preventing the demise of the Postal “Service”. Bill demonstrated to all of us how a Union boss can become that which he so adamantly speaks against, and at the member’s expense. The APWU’s system of internal, national level politics is a disgrace to its members and the Union movement in general, and that is the legacy he helped promote and left in place when he retired. Shame on you Bill, go play polo with your neighbors while the rest of us worry about getting the bosses off our backs.

  • Buz

    And enjoy he will. Hey Bill, did your brother in-law that was driving your limo retire also?

  • Jack

    I use maybe two stamps a month.
    Who the heck needs to mail anything
    anymore. If we had a strike it would
    be a joke, nobody cares.

  • Clerk

    The post office isn’t going to just go away over nite. not everone has a computer. The govt has to be able to individually communicate with the masses. where are companies and businesses gonna send the bill?? Haha your all fools!!too much money involved. Post office isn’t going away. Shrink hell yes . Go away never!!!!

  • potter

    Bill, We have a tee time at 8AM, Are you in?

  • Buz

    Hey Amazed and Amuzes, You sound more like Dazed and Confused. Your the standard union whimp that can’t do any thinking or make any decisions on your own. Everytime you read or hear something that goes a little against the grain of your ideals, you get into name calling and mudd slinging. I’ve seen it amongst union members at election time. So, if you think Billy is such a great guy and spent all them years in the struggle, why are you probably living in a trailer, and Bill in a million dollar plus home? Now who’s the idiot?

  • Gregg

    When will the USPS figure it out?? You need to downsize management.Even further than that last”token” VER,RIF,whatever you call it.Four managers staring at a computer screen,complaning about internet speed,wondering why our numbers our down,whose turn to buy lunch etc…Not only did the internet take away much of our first class mail volume,it also justifies a much bigger problem,as mentioned above.How many managers does it really take to run these reports,do time keeping etc…Remember the good ol days when you had 1 supervisor,with no computer,doing paperwork by hand??? You had an actual time keeper.That was it.Next time you see your super using the computer,walk up from behind and say”Put the red queen on the black king!!

  • steve

    Give me a break, Burrus go away once and for all. You Burrus fans you need to go as well. Management is the real problem, they lie, cheat and steal every day. But wait……………………………………………………….. Right nothing is being done about those management DBAGS. Get rid of those 204B crumbs, create those lead clerks and make us PTF’s Full time. Wait…………………………………..Thats right Burrus didnt get us this. He never took care of anyone but Bill.