USPS wants single supplier for postal uniforms

The US Postal Service currently provides employees with a voucher they can use to purchase uniforms from any authorized vendor. That may change soon, based on the following solicitation posted on the FedBizOpps web site:

To obtain sources for market research to support the U.S. Postal Service’s National Uniform Program. Under this effort, the successful Supplier shall be responsible for full program management of the Uniform Program (e.g. certifications, marketing, distribution, delivery) including manufacturing and providing all uniform items (e.g. dress uniforms, work clothes, accessories, foot wear, outer wear etc.).

via To consolidate the Uniform Allowance Program under one umbrella for Cost Management. – 2W-11-A-0018 – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities.

  • Tim

    Vendors now overcharge so badly for our uniforms this doesn’t surprise me. Get rid of that stupid stripe on the pants and we’d save $20 a pair!

  • Lawsons voice

    Any time you have one person in charge, then they can charge what they want to——no competition. Another Republican set-up. The rich get richer and the poor keep getting making more for the middle class.

  • Tom

    That is just plain crazy. We can purchase UNION MADE in the USA high quality pants made to USPS Specifiications for under $40 a pair from many approved sources. COMPETITION ALWAYS MAKES FOR BETTER PRICING AND SERVICE! Bundling this into one source would be a big mistake.

  • Tim

    True, Lawsons, but on the other hand, prices are out of control now. Vendors are in this to make money, and they don’t see letter carriers with limited voucher cards, but a federal government agency with deep pockets. Something has to change, and just the suggestion of this may drive prices down.

  • Ed

    The current program provides competiton on price and service. USPS personnel are in a positon to demand union made products. Suppliers lose customers if their prices are too high or products and service are substandard. Putting the program in the hands of one supplier will result in USPS personnel having no choice when it comes to service, fit, how you purchase (the crrnt program provides options including a local store or through a local representative.) The low bidder who wins this program will likely provide non-union apparel and footwear. The current program has generated zero grievances. The cost of handling grievances from a single supplier program will cost the Unions and the USPS big $$$.

  • John

    Our office has a vendor come to our office once a month. The service is impeccable. He keeps files on all employees’ sizes and account balances, and we receive our purchases quickly,delivered to our office via Priority Mail. I received my new Gore-Tex raincoat on a rainy day 2 days after I ordered it. His company does alterations, fixes zippers, and processes returns(the rare times they’re necessary) all in a timely manner.
    AND, the prices are reasonable! Sounds like someone’s greasing someone in the “Ivory Plaza!” USPS should stop trying to save nickels where they’re most needed and try to save dollars where they’re wasted, instead.

  • Giles Habibula

    Oh, someone’s relatives are gonna make a fortune from this. Like in the days when John Wanamaker was PMG and “approved” uniform items could only be purchased through his family’s department store.

  • Scout

    It should be contracted and lowest bidder wins

  • eightup

    USPS should concentrate on the mailing business right now. Vendors don’t need your help to lose billions.

  • Gordon

    Vendors are not getting rich on this program, but the manufacturers and vendors are providing jobs to Americans not foreigners. The program the way it is supports Unions and the Postal Service. Requiring domestic uniforms for its employees is one of the few industries that keeps American fabric mills going as well. To sole source the program will mean an end to the uniform program for the Postal Service.

  • Ed

    The USPS has stated their goal is to award the uniform program to one vendor. Notify your APWU or NALC representative if you value the ability to buy union made uniforms from the vendor who provides you the best value. Awarding the program to one supplier will result in non-union products from a supplier you will be required to purchase from. Let your voice be heard.