USPS CFO delivers doomsday prophecy at MTAC

The world may not have ended on May 21, but the postal world could come to an end in July 2012 if Joe Corbett’s predictions are accurate… Tweets from today’s Mailers Technical Advisory Committee meeting:

Joe Corbett, USPS CFO says $15B debt limit will be reached Oct 15 when a wkr’s comp pmt is due. (at MTAC) @RepDennisRoss#nonprofitpostalMay 25 via TweetDeck

Assuming no legislation, & no worse news, the USPS starts shutting down July 2012 when it runs out of operating cash. (heard at MTAC) @RepDennisRoss #nonprofitpostal May 25 via TweetDeck

USPS CFO (at MTAC) says USPS will lose $8.3B in 2011, compared to original projections of $6.4B. Says that legislative reform is needed.May 25 via web

There will be a January 2012 rate change for both competitive and market dominant together. Discussed at MTAC.May 25 via web

At MTAC – Vogel said 2012 rate case – jan 22 for rate implementationMay 25 via web

  • Postal Deb

    Why don’t they learn how to cut the FAT? Does a Postmaster really need all those levels of management above them?

  • rural carrier

    Stop paying the phony health care pre-funding to congress and problem is solved.
    Let congress steal money from other sources like oil companies who make record profits in the billions every quarter.

  • cb196

    The oil companies pay their hush funds. We don’t

  • brian

    Careful rural carrier- when you suggest corporations and rich people pay their fair share, that’s communist class warfare. Of course, when the middle class are expected to bear the brunt of government cutbacks and corporate tax breaks, that’s “sharing the pain”!

  • Japw

    Haven’t heard much about congress cutting “THEIR” pay and benifits..
    Or freezing raises, ect. But sure seems to be easy for them to fix (their created deficit) by hitting HARD on the middle (?) class working people!
    Oh yea, and Newt Gingrich says he works hard (I’m sure he does) and makes a good living, and owes very little, and that if he wants to spend, or owe 500K to a jewelry store he can….quite true! Must be nice 😉

  • Tony

    VERA for anyone who wants to go…what are they waiting for?

  • guz77

    VERA you say well the opm better get their act together if they pull that one out of their x@$%*& if you know what I mean anyone realize people have retired over 6 months ago and opm hasen’t sent them one check yet and they’re only supposed to be 138 days behind on payments no interm checks till they figure your annuity or anything if you take a VERA you better plan on diping into your savings.

  • Nutzy

    I will take A VERA today! Tony for President!!!

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  • tom

    I am eligible for retirement but the the hoops i have had to jump through with the paperwork and all the reported delays in compensation is keeping me on the job.
    Its like hotel California. You can check out anytime but you can never leave.

  • jimbo

    to get back to making money the post office needs to quit making scanning a priority.i have been sent to scan a collection box while i was on double time in a snow storm.when i got there the box was empty but the real priority was to get the scan.because of the gridlock it took over 2 hours to get there and back.its insane.wake up postal management!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Texas

    Jimbo, who missed the scan in the first place, it’s thier job to scan, the customer’s want it, the job requires it and they are payed to do it. If missed and someone has to go out and re-scan it, then the person or employee that missed it should have to pay for it or have monies withheld from pay check

  • Robert Quiles

    The Postal Service is broke yet we have layer after layer of Maintenance Managers and Supervisors fumbling, stumbling, as they walk around with clipboards. They then add 204b’s to
    help manage a depleted bare bones work force. With all these
    management clowns dragging Milwaukee Maintenace down who needs the circus.

  • eldonjon72

    Jimbo – you completely missed the point – it wasnt the scan that was so important, it was the fact that there was a collection box that hadnt been collected. Bravo to your manager for ensuring that any potential customer who had placed their mail into that box got the service they paid for!

  • bj

    As long as USPS stays around until December 21, 2012, that is all that matters. After that date, we will all be fortunate if we are still around and in good health.

  • brian

    I thought if you were still here after The Rupture, that was a BAD thing!?

  • katster

    Yes I agree with the management thing. We have 2 carriers that 204B for 5 years now. Count it. 1.)That carrier gets paid to work in office. 2.)RCA gets paid to run route and earn leave. 3.)2nd Rca gets paid while 1st RCA gets paid to be off while reg carrier gets paid to work in office. 3 people paid for 1 route!!!! WOW! No wonder USPS is broke.

  • Andy Koin

    Been retired almost 20 years now from the Postal Service.

    Yes, management in Post Offices is pathetic. One Customer Service person did not know about Address Correction Services. Even the detailed employee in WDC from San Francisco was not aware of it.

    And yes, we had one employee on per diem and expenses for 2 YEARS in Division Headquarters doing NOTHING. Had one person sitting for 4 months in Div. HQ because he was GOING THROUGH A DIVORCE. YIKES! Glad to be out!