Postmasters Ask PRC to Order Withdrawal of Proposed Post Office Closing Regulations

Today, the National Association of Postmasters of the United States NAPUS, the National League of Postmasters NLP, and two retired Postmasters filed a formal complaint before the Postal Regulatory Commission PRC asking the Commission to order the U.S. Postal Service to withdraw its proposed regulations relating to Post Office Discontinuance. NAPUS and NLP believe that the regulations, which were printed in the March 31 issue of the Federal Register, violate current law.

The new rules undermine postal services in small towns and rural communities, permit the Postal Service to unilaterally consolidate Post Offices without community input, deny many communities appellate review of Postal Service decisions to their close Post Offices, and undercut the statutory position of Postmaster. In sum, the proposed regulations violate numerous sections of Title 39 of the United States Code, and are contrary to the congressional intent underlying the statue. During the 30-day Public Comment period, approximately 500 pages of opposition to the regulations were filed by the American public, as well as Members of Congress. We understand that additional comments were received by the USPS after the May 2, the completion of the public comment period.

Current law, affords postal stakeholders the right to file a complaint with the PRC should the USPS not be operating in conformance with certain sections of the Title 39. NAPUS and NLP are exercising their rights under the law.

via NAPUS.

  • Tony

    VERA for all Postmasters please!

  • bOB

    To the PRC — “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” — the USPS is exercising its power corruptly.

  • Chuck

    If you close the District and Area offices and consol;idate them into regional facilities similiar to the help desk currently used for accounting and HR, the USPS could save millions annually. Those positions that do not DIRECTLY deal with moving the mail NEED TO BE eliminated / consolidated. With these positions eliminated, there would be no reason to closed small town and rural offices.

  • brian

    So you’d get rid of payroll? That WILL save a lot of money! Will YOU still feel like moving the mail when you stop getting paid?