USPS gets Burger King to change “mailman” commercial

From USPS News Link:

Last year, Burger King launched an ad campaign that included television commercials featuring a “letter carrier” singing about breakfast at Burger King rather than delivering the mail. USPS objected to the commercial, resulting in a negotiated settlement favorable to both sides.

The commercials promoted a new line of Burger King food items, including its new breakfast platter. The letter carrier in the commercials — wearing a uniform that closely resembled official USPS attire — sang, “With pancakes and eggs on my plate, the mail has to wait” to customers on his route.

USPS requested the fast food company immediately stop airing the commercials. The Postal Service, represented by its Law Department, argued the letter carrier was portrayed in a less than favorable light. USPS also alleged that its trademarked and copyrighted Sonic Eagle Logo and its Letter Carrier Uniform — which also is registered and trademarked — were used without permission.

Burger King denied it had acted inappropriately. Negotiations resulted in a settlement that includes a license agreement allowing Burger King to use a uniform that resembles those worn by letter carriers. Burger King also agreed to broadcast a revised commercial, featuring a fictitious “delivery person” — portrayed in a more positive manner and dressed in a uniform that resembles a Letter Carrier Uniform without the Eagle Logo.

The Intellectual Property Section of the Law Department and the manager of Public Affairs work together to enforce the Postal Service’s intellectual property rights. Postal Service employees should protect the USPS brand and its trademarks by using trademarks properly.

USPS encourages employees to contact the Law Department and Thad Dilley, manager, Public Affairs, if they see the Eagle Logo, the Letter Carrier Uniform or any other USPS trademark used in an advertisement and if they suspect that the advertisers do not have a license to use USPS trademarks in the ad.

via USPS News Link – May 20, 2011.

  • Tony

    Should have been a Dunkin Donuts Commercial!

  • Mailer

    What a crappy settlement.
    If it had been a guy in a brown uniform dancing beside his brown delivery truck UPS would own themselves a few burger joints already.

  • Jack Cass

    If they (USPS Upper Management Morons) actually believe that anyone seeing that commercial is concerned that their mail is being delayed because their mailman is sitting at BK instead of working, they are far more clueless than I have been giving them credit for.

  • Burl Ives

    In the new commercials, two mailmen will join the marchers after exiting a tavern near Boston. Both sides agree this will be a more accurate representation.

  • Cliff Claven

    Hey, any exposure at this time of the game will help! The P.O. does not seem to care if they exist as they once did as a prime player in the mailing business.

  • Jack Rabbet

    Nice one Burl!

    The newly envisioned postal LLVs can also come with built in breathalyzers to limit driving after too many “pick ups”!

  • Ipee Freely

    With no mail to deliver, carriers gotta make their 8 hours somehow!!