Mail volume continues to decline

From USPS News Link:

Despite a year-to-date (YTD) reduction of 16 million workhours compared to last year, the Postal Service experienced operating costs $100 million above plan in quarter 2 (Jan. 1 to March 31) — ending the quarter with a YTD net loss of $2.6 billion.

Total mail volume in quarter 2 continued to decline, falling more than 500 million pieces compared to the same period last year, according to Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Joe Corbett. Although Package Services and Standard Mail volumes increased modestly, the increase was not sufficient to offset the loss of revenue from reduced First-Class Mail volumes.

“Electronic diversion of First-Class Mail continues to be the primary cause of our revenue shortfall,” reports Corbett in his latest “Dollars and ¢hange” quarterly video review of USPS finances. And that decline in First-Class Mail volume is expected to continue.

To help the Postal Service become a leaner, faster, smarter organization, Corbett encourages employees to help control expenses by looking for ways to improve efficiencies. “It’s all about making smarter decisions based on reliable data to build solid processes,” he says. “When we do that, the savings will come naturally.”

  • Tim

    Hilarious. An just exactly who do we go to with our “ways to improve efficiencies?” This organization is the most closed-minded and myopic companies on earth.

  • mike

    uhhh case dps? evaluated routes?

  • Ronnie

    I can agree with evaluated city routes…it works in the rural craft…but NALC won’t bite….to use to the overtime…

  • postman2012

    dude they did a core adjusment on my rt and it is 1 and a 1/2 hrs longer and they still want it done in 8 hrs my t6 had a stroke and i had a injury on the rt so far. the mail is falling bull s@@@@@ i have had more mail this week the i have ever seen.

  • Jack Rabbet

    The crux of the death spiral- combined mail delivery routes for longer driving distances in failing LLVs delivering less & less mail. First class mail volume will continue to dwindle accelerating the process. Bills and payments are almost exclusively handled electronically. But what service cannot be done in cyberspace? Parcels and packages! But the USPS abandoned that concept decades ago to the private sector. Now all that remains is the “last mile”option for unprofitable deliveries in the private sector.

  • Scout

    Raise the price of the stamp, end of story.

  • Mp

    Evaluated routes is the way to go. A rural carrier once told me that a rural carrier will take 8 hours of work and get it done in 6 hours, but a city carrier will take the same 8 hours of work and
    get it done in 10 hours. I think all walking routes need to be converted to mounted delivery or NDBCU’s that would safe a load of money, time, and would be easier on the carrier. No Satchel and less injuries.

  • hrdcorefan

    As a letter carrier, I still do my part by paying all my bills the “old fashion way”. I still subscribe to many magazines. And, I still send birthday cards and the such. My wife goes online to the freebie sites and orders free product samples which helps out our household and the USPS. When we order merchandise, we use the USPS as the preferred shipper. Everyday at my station, my 700+ mounted route gets 5-9 trays of DPS, 3-4 caseable trays of mail, 9-14 parcels, 1-2 trays of spurs/chunks, 2-5 accountables, plus the 3-5 full coverages we get a week. Of course, you don’t get any time for the DPS and coverages – they carry themselves!

  • Gregg

    As the volume of first class mail declines,so should the number of managers etc…

  • 38 yrs.

    Let the carrirers do it the way THEY WANT . 1 hr in the office with FSS… what does mgt. do for the rest of the day when the carriers are out? Mgt. should be a part time job… along with part time pay.

  • Bippo

    Get a little tired of hearing craft blame it on too many managers and manager blaming bad craft employees- it all starts at the top. You want managers to do a good job- then start negociating contracts that they can work with. Exp: Penalty OT- it was designed so managers WOULDN’T use people over so many hrs- instead-its see how many other rules you can break so you don’t use POT even though the workforce is reduced (and frozen) Eval routes is a great idea, and OT is a reason it won’t fly-of course if they arguement is pay me for what I do- start living the paycheck and not the OT and Eval routes will sond great. There’s alot of great input from the field- but L’Enfant Plaza can’t even figure out how things happen in the field- so how are they going to make changes to make it work. And yes- Five day is a smart ‘business’ decision- although it will hurt carriers so it’s expected they don’t like it. But the big boys will play with the numbers and LOSE money everyway they can to make it happen (yeh-that’s smart) You mean to tell me that all of a sudden they just realized they need 7 billion dollars to replace a new fleet- DAH!!!- You didn’t notice 45000 vehicles for the last 15 years? We are the ENRON of the US Government and if Congress was smart enough they’d figure it out, but a Congressional meeting with Postal Execs is definitely not a meeting of the BRAINS. How many congressmen are ‘man’ enough to actually do the right thing and stop worrying about being the different guy on the block

  • jdk

    Start making people pay to send out their junk mailings. Stop the never ending discounts. Also, get rid of this treating certain standard mailings like first class mail bs. If they want first class treatment, they should be paying first class postage.

  • nfc

    I have been checking my count with the count that is entered into the report that they post everyday of projected and actual office and street time use. All week I found that the amount of letters and flats on their report are less than what I counted. Maybe that’s why it shows a decline. If they are understating the amount of mail we have to case to try to get us to pivot, that is not giving accurate volume.

  • brian

    The volume numbers you’re talking about have nothing to do with the official volume reports. Official volumes, the ones that are used in rate setting, etc., come from the RPW system- it uses a combination of data, mainly from permit mailings and random sampling (done by bargaining unit stat program clerks) to estimate volumes by class. Those volumes are accurate- I’m not aware of anyone ever challenging them, including the unions, the mailers, UPS, whatever. If mail volume is actually up, then someone is committing a massive fraud that requires the cooperation of tens of thousands of managers and craft employees (and siphoning off several billion dollars in revenue)- seems a bit unlikely!