Dennis Ross offers solution to debt “crisis”: sell Utah

When Congressman Dennis Ross isn’t busy overseeing the US Postal Service, he’s working on solutions to the debt “crisis” he and his colleagues have created:

Dennis Ross, a House Republican and a member of the Tea Party caucus, told Reuters: “I don’t think Treasury has been up front with us. I am not convinced the sky will fall in on August 3.”

Ross added: “I’m not an economist, but I have maintained a household. The federal government owns 70 per cent of Utah, for example. There are federal buildings. If you need cash, let’s start liquidating.”

Say what you want about Dennis, he isn’t boring! Dangerous maybe, but definitely not boring.

via Yglesias » House Republican Proposes Fire-Sale of Utah As Alternative To Raising The Debt Ceiling.

  • trout

    that would be great but no one wants to take the Mormons……what an idiot he is may God bless the voters who voted for him for they know not what they did…..

  • Dennis the Menace

    Oh Dennis Ross is everywhere on any subject or article or creating a subject or article about the USPS. It is getting hysterical now. Issa has stepped away somewhat from the rhetoric at least forcnow & is only to happy to let the little moron Dennis step in & make a fool of himself. He ran his household do now he is an expert?? Hey i guess I am one too then. This is too much for me little heart to take. Lol

  • Dan

    What a putz!

  • Bigwheel

    One things for sure, if he is for selling Utah, he will sell any part of the United States. Just goes to show how stupid some republicans are.. they could care less about America.

  • Kyle

    It’s all moot. Tomorrows Rapture Day!

  • Rich

    Don’t worry he either hates himself or he is a hypocrit as most Republicans are. Think about it, if he and the Tea Party really hate government then they hate themselves. How can you be a part of something and despise it so much but still not refuse to take a paycheck and the benefits that go along with it. This is called hypocrisy, something that is a prerequisite for being a Republican or Tea Party member. For those that are Tea Party citizens you have to really wonder how smart they really are. These tards are going to the polls and voting for people like Dennis Ross and what is Mr Ross doing? He is taking your precious tax dollars that you wanted him to give back to you. If you as a Tea Party member are active in elections you are part of the process of creating government. Therefore you will pay taxes you tards. The people that are Tea Baggers and those that represent this party have got to be some of the most ignorant people on the face of the earth. Remember when the Party first started and all these older fat white people were showing up in droves for rallies. Then reporters started showing up and asking questions like “do you sir or mam receive any benefits from the government like social security, medicare, medicaid, disability and so on? Well the response was an overwhelmingly yes I do. It was obvious that they did because of their health situations that they put themselves in from their lifestyle. A lifestyle that we all that pay our taxes are paying for to keep them alive and with a monthly income. I am proud of these benefits and I am glad that we have them and I do not mind paying my fair share of taxes to keep them. What ticks me off is that these low life people have the nerve to complain about the government when that is what there whole life is made of. People like you and I keep their sorry lazy white asses up. Walk in a Wal-mart look around these are the people that we are keeping up. Well after so many of these Tea Baggers learned that they were a huge part of the system that they so hated they shut up very quickly, you don’t hear anything from them anymore, and they don’t attend rallies anymore. Be careful when you vote and protest you may very well get what you ask for. IDIOTS

  • Gregg

    Denny is my hero!!Just kiddin!! This simpleton doesn’t know how to keep his pie hole shut.His rants get more bizaar everyday.What’s next?? I got it.Only deliver mail on Sunday!!

  • bubba

    ross you are the biggest loser try cutting your pay and see how well you can support your family!!!!!!!!!!!ross is an overpaid idiot

  • Lawsons voice

    Keep voting republican and their plan will become reality—2% will have all the money and 98% will bow to them. We are headed there now like a freight train.

  • vitameatavegamin

    It must be true that mental retardation is not a handicap to a Congressional career, or as a legal mouthpiece of Disney (previous job at 10K mill allegedly}

  • hawkeyerad

    How about an amendment to see about selling Texas to Mexico instead. Anything they were willing to pay would be pure profit since we stole it from them to begin with.
    I just love these tea party nazis- they provide such comedy.

  • jeff

    Actually it’s a good thing every time he speaks…people are beginning to see just how impractical and ridiculous his ideas and proposals really are…I can only imagine what his supporters are wondering about him. Keep on Mr. Congressman….what else should we do…sell Texas to Mexico??

  • ifitmakessensetheywontdoit

    Dennis Ross needs to change his name to Loss, as in all LOSS of rational mind and thought!

    Hey, WHAT kind of assets does HE have? Maybe we could seize and sell them?
    Oops, I forgot, that’s what the feds want to do to our Federal Retirement Plan…

    Just like when the doctor comes in with the shot, and says, “This won’t hurt a bit”. NOT you, idiot!