NAPUS says cut “bloated bureaucracy”, not post offices

National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS) President told a Senate subcommittee that the US Postal Service should look at trimming its “bloated bureaucracy before it starts closing more post offices :

It is important to note that the Postal Service has shed over 100,000 jobs over the past two years, including Postmaster positions, and there has been virtually no investment in capital. The postal infrastructure and vehicle fleet is deteriorating. Before the Postal Service begins to cut deeper into the bone of its services, the agency needs to prune further its bureaucracy and eliminate its still-bloated administrative overhead, which includes an oversized Area and District Office structure.

Full testimony (pdf file).

  • Tony


    The hysterical thing is that these folks are brainwashed into thinking that what they do is critical to our business.

    Send one of them or better yet a half dozen to my office and let’s see what they got… Nothing, nothing at all.
    Some where along the line the Postal Service has confused
    computer knowledge with actual postal knowledge, hence
    this is why we’re in the predicament we’re in.

  • madscot

    For avery long time it has been “srew-up and move-up” within postal management. We have all seen absolute failures promoted to the level one up after completely “screwing the pooch”. Armed with clipboards, and power these people have cause much damage, and wasted hundreds of millions. There are huge numbers of make work management postitions, getting rid of the excess ratherthan eliminating worker bees makes sense to me.

  • BMEU Supervisor

    I must say that I was embarrassed to listen to the PMG on the Hill with his hat in his hand begging for help while I have 2 SWA Remediators in my unit this week who flew to Florida from Texas and Georgia and are staying in a hotel all week and getting paid per diem.

    SOX is going to bankrupt the USPS and ruin a lot of good people while doing so. At least the Remediator was able to tell me that there was language in one of my Mailing Agreements that needs to re-worded so we will be in compliance. At least we got out $ worth out of the travel!

  • Gregg

    Easier said than done Nobody seems to be stepping up to the plate.PMG Donawho gave a token VERA,as well as a bare minimum job elimination in the EAS and management area.Basically,he did nothing.Guess he figures with all the Post Offices that are closing,or operations consolidated,this will be good enough.For NAPUS president Mr.Rapoza to make a statement such as this is amazing.Remember Mr.Subliminal on SNL.That’s what this guy is trying to do.Please don’t close Post Offices(Postmaster will lose his job} That is the only reason he made this statement.He could friggin care less about the service we provide to the American public.He’s just worried that if offices close,some of his buddys will be out of a job.But he is right about eliminating the clip board operators and computer techs in management.Your standard size level 20 post office should consist of the following: 1 Postmaster:1 carrier supervisor:1 clerk/window supervisor.That’s it.Their are more computers in my office than distribution clerks!!What a mess we have on our hands.

  • Mark

    Duh! Craft employees could have told you that years ago! Cut area and district offices there’s no need for majority of them. Then watch the rats leave the sinking ship! They have cut the crafts to the bone so service is suffering while the district and area offices are bloated with waste. But will this ever happen I serious doubt it. They’ll create another job on paper so it looks like they elminated some. Have seen it for years ” POSTAL MATH” 3-1=4 new managers