League says USPS closes small post offices to make managers look good

May 17, 2011 – LEAGUE President Mark Strong testified before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services and International Security. Mark joined the Postmaster Pat Donahoe and five other panelists to give testimony on the financial condition of the post office as well as addressing Senator Carper’s bill as well as the Collins bill.

Included in Mark’s comments was testimony on the overfunding of the pension funds as well as the prefunding of the retiree health benefits being at the source of the Postal Services financial condition. During his oral testimony Mark told the Senate Committee that “no business of any type, in any part of the country, could afford to pay a 5 Billion dollar supplemental annual income tax that its competitors do not pay, and remain viable”.

Marks remarks also covered the issue of closing of small post offices. Small office closings are one of those cost savings measures that are popular to some mid-level postal officials because they can look good with the impression that they are driving large cost out of the system. He further mentioned that Post Offices and Postmasters..…are the glue the binds rural America together. Something some urbanites have a hard time understanding but it is the truth, not rhetoric and not exaggerated.

Jack Jameson

Executive Vice President

via National League of Postmasters – Latest News Briefs.

  • Bigtruckerman

    This is where Pay per Performance is out of control.

  • BigAntG

    Exactly!! What do the Middile guys care. This is why pay for Performance does not work. The people making the moves to close and consolidate PO’s are fattening their own wallets.
    It’s about time someone who has access to the Congress spoke these words. Salary employees is what their yearly salaries are and thats it. If they do not like it then stay or become and hourly worker. PUNCH THE CLOCK!!