PMG names two new vice presidents

PMG Pat Donahoe yesterday announced the selection of two new vice presidents.

Kelly Sigmon, currently vice president, Engineering Systems, will become vice president, Channel Access, effective June 1. Meanwhile, Michael Amato is set to become the new vice president, Engineering Systems.

Sigmon joined the Postal Service in 1989 as an industrial engineer professional specialist trainee and has worked at all levels of the organization — headquarters, area and the field. She served as district manager for Southeast Michigan District where she was responsible for postal operations of two processing and distribution centers and 124 Post Offices.

In her new position, Sigmon will oversee product and service access alternatives for consumer and small business channels. She will be responsible for where and how products are sold — retail, online or alternate locations. Sigmon will report to Paul Vogel, president and chief Marketing/Sales officer.

Amato — who will report to Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President Ellis Burgoyne — will oversee engineering efforts on automation systems for mail processing, retail and delivery operational systems. Also, Amato will direct all engineering and acquisition support functions, including the design and development of new retail and processing automation equipment such as the Automated Parcel Bundle Sorter, AFCS 200 and the Flats Sequencing Sorter.

Since 1985, Amato has worked on numerous automation programs, specializing in letter mail automation and computer systems. Prior to his new position, he was manager of the Engineering Software group. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer and information sciences from the University of Maryland University College. He also has Lean Six Sigma training at the Green Belt level.

via USPS News Link – May 17, 2011.

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  • RB

    Great leadership in ‘reducing’ at the top- aren’t there people doing that work now? Where and how products are sold- dah! And how many machines are we going to buy to necessitate a VP to oversee it.

  • Bill

    PMG Pat Donahoe yesterday announced the selection of two new vice presidents.

    Seems to me it is business as usual!?

  • Bill

    When will we act like a company with no money, travel continues, spending continues. Did FED EX cut back or UPS when they were in trouble sure they did but the Postal Services continues going with advertising, major lighting upgrades, wastefull overtime and many more I would rather not mention.

  • geekdean

    WTG Pat! That’s how we cut expenses, appoint more Vice Presidents!

  • MaGoo

    Eliminate positions? Pshaw! We can just give upper management a bigger salary, more bonuses and new titles! We’ll make up for it by shafting craft employees!