WSJ: “The Coming Postal Bailout”

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board has spewed a bit more of their usual bile this morning, this time in the direction of the US Postal Service:

One thing we’ll say about federal bailouts—if you pay attention, you can usually see them coming a mile away. It was true of Fannie Mae and General Motors, and it’s increasingly clear that the next candidate will be the U.S. Postal Service.

The editorial goes on to retell the usual right wing lies: the USPS has done nothing to cut costs, the new APWU contract is a “giveaway” to those most cherished of conservative icons, “union bosses”, etc., etc.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell- we read the piece to spare you the trouble: but if for some reason you find yourself in need of some mental self-flagellation this morning, click the link below.

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  • Jennifer Breton

    . Get the facts. The postal service has been over paying civil service and retire Health benefits. The congress is one owes all this money back to postal service. I just wish they would do there job and give it back to postal service so they can make a profit. They are using that money for federal deficit. That is fact.

  • guzz77

    It never ceases to amaze me how an article can be written about the usps and they don’t know jack,hence the wall street rag article did you even read the whole contract of what the new hires are getting and the people who have been part time for years are getting longer hours and less pay and 6 day weeks with no set days off and some 12 hour days and maybe 30 to 40 hiours if they are lucky.I know some of you say they’re lucky to be working. what an attitude we shoild be protesting the way workers in this country are treated all jobs now are low pay no benifits and no pension.why ? I’ll tell you why because the people running things let all the big corp walk all over the american worker we need more unions like apwu to stand up and say no more we need decent wages and benifits and if they don’t like it let the chinese run your corp.see how many tax breaks you get then.