USPS Q & A On Plans For Small Footprint Flat Sequencing System (FSS Lite)


Following are questions asked with regard to the Small Footprint Flat Sequencing System (FSS Lite) Sources Sought Notice and the USPS responses:

1) Question: Are there any preliminary size requirements. What would be too big?
USPS Response: The current FSS phase 1 requires 15,000 sq ft. There is no defined requirement for phase 2 machines but the USPS anticipates a footprint less than 10,000 sq ft.

2) Question: Are there any preliminary volume/time requirements?
USPS Response: The current FSS Phase 1 effective (both passes) throughput is 16,500 pieces per hour. Due to mail volume declines, the USPS is seeking FSS Lite solutions that can handle a larger number of delivery points but with a lower average volume per delivery point.

3) Question: How sequenced will the mail be that enters this potential process? Is it going to be a 1,2 or 3 pass process?
USPS Response: It is anticipated that mail entering will be sorted to a 5 digit zone level. Depending on the solution proposed, other levels of sorting would be possible with potential price/performance impacts.

4) Question: Is there any requirement for mixed letters/flats sequencing?USPS Response: Mixed letters and flats processing is not a requirement for the FSS Lite machine.

5) Question: Is there anything against mixed letters/flats sequencing?
USPS Response: Mixed letters and flats is not anticipated for the FSS Lite solution

  • dryMAILman

    6) Question: Has any USPS decision maker bothered to demonstrate how to carry and deliver postal FSS on foot or from a vehicle under stressful conditions? USPS Response: (general laughter) Has anyone bothered to show how to carry and deliver DPS letters over the past 14 years? Of course not.

  • Mailer

    If you were selling roasted peanuts outside a stadium and noticed a decline in business, would you try lowering prices? Adding flavors? Expand into hotdogs and hamburgers?

    If you were a USPS executive you’d buy five jumbo roasters (to quickly handle big orders) and increase the price of your peanuts to pay for those new roasters. When peanut sales dropped further, you’d add 15 new micro-roasters (to increase efficiency and throughput for small orders) and raise prices again.

    Good thing they have cushy VP jobs lined up for them at Lockheed subsidiaries after steering billions of dollars in capex into a declining market using a scaled-down model of a failed project.

  • sammy

    FFS will be our salvation !!!

  • ommpah looompah

    FSS is a fizzle. Did anybody ever hear of a Kindle in L’Elephant Plaza?

  • MaxHeadroom

    I don’t understand this investment in processing flat mail. Flats are a declining mail volume historically. Anything you get in a flats envelope can be virtualized into a file that can be transmitted electronically. We should be up to our ears in APPS machines…you can not virtualize packages!