Billboards on post offices?

Could your local post office soon be festooned with advertising signs? It’s possible- the USPS is seeking proposals from “an experience [sic] commercial outdoor advertising management firm” to “significantly” expand the service’s billboard outleasing actibvities:

The United States Postal Service proposes to contract with an experience commercial outdoor advertising management firm, or firms, capable of marketing and managing a significantly expanded program. The program will not require USPS capital dollars as both the management company and the advertisers will absorb these costs as part of their license agreement with the USPS. The USPS has had a limited billboard outleasing program since 2005. Many of our 8,800+ owned property locations are in major metropolitan markets with potential to generate revenue from an expanded program.

Click here for a listing of USPS owned facilities that could be included in the billboard program.

via Commercial Outdoor Advertising Management Services – 109804-11-A-0002 – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities.

USPS RFP Commerical Outdoor Advertising Mgmt Services