General RIF notices mailed April 28

Last week marked two critical milestones in the 2011 Organizational Redesign process.

Monday, April 25, was the deadline for employees who accepted the Postal Service’s 2011 Special Incentive Offer. And Thursday, April 28, General Reduction in Force (RIF) Notices were sent to employees who could be affected by a potential RIF in their competitive area.

USPS prepared separate General RIF Notices for each competitive area that still may be subject to a RIF. However, not everyone in those competitive areas will receive a notice, because they went only to employees who could be affected.

Employees who accepted the 2011 Special Incentive Offer under voluntary early retirement (VER) will not receive a General RIF Notice. However, those who applied for optional retirement or resignation under this offer will receive a notice if their competitive area may undergo a RIF.

To prepare for a RIF process, potentially affected employees should create or update their profiles in eCareer as soon as possible. The eCareer profile can effectively showcase work experience, education, training and special skills. This is an important tool used to determine assignments during the RIF process this month — again, if a RIF is necessary.

USPS will continue to update employees throughout the organizational change process. For all redesign information — including timelines, FAQs and additional guidance — visit the Organizational Changes website on Blue and LiteBlue.

via USPS News Link – May 2, 2011.