Linn’s: USPS pulls plug on popular philatelic service

Linn’s Stamp News reports that the US Postal Service has closed down the philatelic sales unit at the Providence RI post office, with no advance notice or explanation. According to Linn’s, the unit had “fulfilled custom stamp orders and requests… from collectors all over the United States” for more than a decade.

In response to questions a USPS spokesperson cited the “change in district alignments” (the Providence District office was eliminated in the recent USPS reorganization) and “heightened financial reporting requirements”. It was not clear why those factors would have had any bearing on the Providence unit.

Linn’s editor Michael Baadke, in his Editor’s Column, praised postal clerk Donna Rajotte, who ran the unit since its inception in 2000, and questioned why the USPS would eliminate such an apparently profitable operation.

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  • rural carrier

    Apparently profitable does not mean actually profitable.

  • Gregg

    Why would the USPS even care about something that is popular to it’s customers?? Right now all they care about is closing small town P.O’s and consolidating operations to save money.After all the changes take place,how many of our customers will be affected??Likely millions!!They will wonder why they have to go 10 or 20 miles further to the nearest P.O. to buy stamps or get their medicine,2 days later then they used to get it.But why would the USPS care about something like this?? Hey,we saved 2.5 million dollars!!The days of great service to the customers is just about over.It’s very sad to see as an employee of the USPS for the past 30 years just how bad of a situation we have found ourselves in.And believe me,it ain’t gonna get no better!!

  • rural carrier 2

    I’m going to tell you like I tell anyone: You have a logical way, an illogical way and the USPS way. There is very litte “logic” in what they do.

  • geekdean

    You have to wonder what kind of morons run this operation. Stamp Collecting represents PURE profit for the USPS. Throw the bums out, bring back Runyon

  • shopatmogs

    Stamps are available in many retail locations at no cost, overhead or staffing required. It’s slowly being privatized.

    Rally one of the collectors to 1) rent space (offered at Great Recessionary prices) 2) figure how to contract with USPS 3) provide a service for a starving market…

    Did 25 years…felt like a chain gang with golden handcuffs.

  • 50 year collector

    Does anyone know where we can go who will provide the service that Donna did? Are there any mail order philatelic sales offices left?