Royal Divorce stamp?

Now that William and Kate are married, you can be prepared for any possible royal “eventuality” with a new set of stamps from the South Pacific island of Niue that allows you to “tear asunder” what God hath joined together. Niue’s wedding commemoratives picture the royal couple together, but with a convenient perforation that allows you to rip them apart!

As the BBC reported:

The leader of the Pacific nation of Niue has mounted a robust defence of stamps marking Britain’s royal wedding which have a perforated line that splits the happy couple.

Premier Toke Talagi admitted the stamps were "unusual" but said they showed Niue was celebrating the marriage.

The stamps are sold as a pair for NZ$5.80 ($4.53, £2.79), but can be torn down the middle.

Prince William’s stamp is NZ$3.40 and Kate Middleton’s is cheaper at NZ$2.40.

via BBC News – Royal wedding: Niue defends stamp that ‘splits’ couple.

  • Ugh

    Talk about getting a bang for your buck…

  • ken

    Just so long as you don’t go on a tear about it.