USPS to use video recordings of carriers in upcoming NALC contract talks

According to a document posted on, the US Postal Service plans to make video recordings of four hundred city carriers in order to ” identify the start and stop point of each activity and determine the actual time used.” The information will be used by the USPS in upcoming contract talks with the NALC

This is notification that the Postal Service will conduct a review of city letter carrier office activities beginning April 25. The review will involve data collection and analysis of all office activities on selected routes for one day, with the route serviced by the regular carrier or carrier technician. It is anticipated that this assessment will take approximately nine weeks and involve 400 city letter carrier routes.

A stratified sampling plan was used to randomly select delivery units within each Area. To qualify, delivery units must contain at least ten city letter carrier routes. Four routes from each selected delivery unit will be randomly chosen for review.

During the review, mail volume will be recorded and cameras will be used to record time spent on office tasks. This information will be used to identify the start and stop point of each activity and determine the actual time used. The data is being collected in preparation for upcoming collective bargaining.

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  • jimbo

    were broke and they just keep spending

  • fast eddie

    Job Opening……Vice President of Video Recording starting pay 1.5 million. No experience required………

  • Ready to retire

    I think it would be much more interesting and cost effective to turn the cameras around and watch what management is doing all day.

  • 30 years

    Always the hardest working and still always the ones thrown under the bus.

  • Rich

    Not a carrier but I have to agree with Ready to retire. The Supervisors in my office do absolutely nothing. They complain because they do not have enough time to do their work. This is probably true because all that they do is stare at the employees actually working, take smoke breaks every fifteen minutes and wait on customers at the window in a level 24 office. What a waste Donahoe get rid of these people they are a drain on our finances. The employees know what to do and when to do it. In my office the Manager stated that there was supposed to be 4 supervisors in the office. There are only 2 most days. But even with the 2 they do absolutely nothing. If we are going to video Mr Donahoe this is where you should start. I think you would find that there is no work for them, and that the only work that they are doing is bargaining unit work, which makes you look real intelligent because you are paying them double what we make for doing it less efficiently. Did I mention all of the fraud, supervisors scanning box section up before it is actually up. Scanning mail processing complete times up before they are actually finished. Cancelling DPS mail runs because they are not finished when the Manager needs them to be finished. Yes, like the DPS mail did not exist. I could go on and on but why, Donahoe is still going to video the employees actually doing the work. Set up a camera and watch how many smoke breaks these guys and gals take. It is truly amazing. I know what you are asking, so how would I know this if I wasn’t doing the same or just standing around watching. Glad you asked that question. The desk that I work from is located next to the door which leads to the smoke break area. I see everyone that goes out there they pass right by and they pass right by quite often. You are videotaping the wrong employees.

  • Jack Cass

    The problem with recording what management does all day is that it’ll put you to sleep when you play it back.

  • Joe B.

    So, here we go, they hold back the mail as they always do again to show the carrier don’t have enough mail and that they are stealing time . We seen this many times before, you fix it the way you want. Now where are we going to find an honest person to do this. I suggest Steven Spielberg can film it and call it stalking the letter carrier and probably make it a series.

  • Louisiana Strong

    If you really are serious about saving the post office money, get rid of the supervisors/204bs who honestly do nothing literally but sit around and stare at other employees. They are looking constantly for some reason to harass the hardworking employees. Get rid of them and you will no longer need to find other cost saving measures. Simply getting rid of these useless, wasteful people (just read the daily comments and take note of what most others say about them and we can’t all be wrong) and problem solved.

  • ajkearney

    Recording Management during the day would be like taking a still photo. Staring at the PC all day. Mostly on personal stuff. My feet kill me from walking all day. The brains they sit on all day must kill them as well. They don’t get it. We deliver the mail. They just have to count it and they get ever get that right.

  • smalltownsteward

    They’re not going to take away mgmt. Have you ever worked for a carrier/clerk 204b? Seriously, their head gets so friggin’ big, like they can outwork anyone. I’d rather have a supervisor that messes with the computer. At least he’s not messing with me.

    Mgmt will always be part of the equation, I’d just rather have a REAL supervisor than a temp.

  • michigan

    You know what if we go belly up it won’t be because of the carrier craft. You have so much ingrained promotions due to connections in the post office . So instead of fresh innovations you have the same old dogma . Its almost like working with drones. If your big brother is in supervision or your father then its automactic that your next. No thinking outside the box it might cost you advancement and the drones just keep being promoted. We deserve to go down. We have worked years and nothing has ever changed nor will it. Your buddy or brother will promote you no matter what. One of the biggest and I mean biggest rip offs is the guy in charge of GPS a total rip-off. He ought to have a GPS and video camera following him doing nothing. So when we are broke and pull into the parking lot and find the gates locked one morning we can blame ourselves for letting the post office waste money on all this stupid programs. Write your congressman and demand that they start eliminanting Saturday del. GPS, and all non-esstial positions immedately.

  • Frank

    Why do we need video, does that somehow make the lies management speaks somehow look true?

  • South Florida

    They will probably fly the videographer around the country and put and his entire staff up at Residence Inn give them a Govenment vehicle at every stop and pay for all their meals and expenses, and pay their cell phone bills so they can call home 100 times a day. Makes sense if they are trying to save the Post Office!

  • mike

    i wish i worked in 30 “S office.. i support the nalc however in my office the clerk craft is by far carrying the load. timed even to take a restroom break off window yet have customers telling us everyday that their city carriers are talking for 20-30 mins to all neighbors so they get their mail late or why is the postal truck sitting for over an hour at the pizza joint everyday yet they only get a 30 min lunch. the carries are getting 4 ft of flats a day and need aux help and take away help from the clerks helping with 50 people in line cause the 4 ft of flats and 800 dps letters will put them over 8 hours yet the clerks can do the whole route in 6 hours with a fully and little extended lunch then come back and run the office window for another two hours on days when the carriers call in sick. new flash …you dont have 8 hours of supervision like the clerks all day every moment. stop whinning. i am so sick of oh we do more no they do more…people better wake up and realize its all crafts vs management and might soon be all postal employed people including mgmt vs republicans soon. time to stand together not ohhhhhh i do this and that more than that person.

  • Rick

    Last yr the district office sent an employee to “watch the station management” to see how well they are doing THEIR jobs. While watching, he fell asleep at the desk. That about says it all, start the videotaping there.

  • Really?

    @Mike. Mike what office do you work in? I have delivered mail for 26 years and I have never seen a clerk walk a mail route. You are delusional. The clerks in my office cant even get the mail sorted to the carriers before we are ready to go deliver our routes. CLERKS Are NOT ALLOWED TO DO CARRIER WORK. A window clerk in our office just had a heart attack two weeks ago STANDING STILL!!!! Please stop being as mis-informational as management and the house republicans. Your union CAVED in to the USPS negotiators because they did not have enough money to go to arbitration. What have they been doing with your dues? You and your craft have weaken’d the carriers bargaining position in our upcoming negotiations. We would have loved to stand with you but you and your union are weak, and the weak do less and deserve less. Fine with me. UPS pays their clerks about half of what the delivery drivers make, and we are headed in the same direction.

  • jimbo

    i have a question that i have asked dozens of times and no postal management has ever answered it with a legit answer.i am past 50 yrs old,i have walked tens of thousands of miles and am starting to feel the effects of it and yes,it is from this job and its duties.i have devoted my entire adult life to the they want to take video of us in the office carrying out our duties and use it against us in contract talks.a fine reward.we produce produces nothing but fabricated numbers and scans that fit thier is so sad that they actually have no concept of customer service and they are the ones in charge.look under the cases of the carriers.especially apartment routes.youll see tubs full of mystery mail.we ask for time to go through it but its always ,we can do that later.when will the usps figure out where the waste is………………if we showed up for work and no supervisors were there,our mail would get delivered,period.without carriers the mail cant go anyone with a brain out there?????????????

  • Ready to retire

    Mike- First, please take the time to write your comments so they are clear and understandable. Half your post doesn’t even make any sense. The clerks in your office should not be doing carrier work and if they are somebody should be grieving it. You state that because you are doing carrier work, the line at your service window is out the door. You either have a really screwed up office with no organization or you’re making this all up. You also take quite a bit of space in your post railing about the lazy, inefficient carriers and then finish off stating that we should all work together. It’s hard to work together when you have an attitude like that. I did not see anyone write a comment against the clerk craft in the posts for this topic. I was a clerk for several years before transferring back to the carrier craft so I’ve been on both sides of this debate. Both crafts have been abused by management. I’ve seen PTF clerks in our office lose hours while the supervisor does their work to make the figures look better. We need to be sympathetic to the plights of both of our crafts. We hardly have a regular clerk left in our office. On the carrier side, we have a carrier for each full route and no other help. If someone is on sick leave or vacation, there is no one to do the route except the carriers on the OT list. Mail is being delivered as late as 7:00 PM at night. All these cuts to the carriers AND the clerks are making the public lose their faith in us. We can’t afford that. If you see contract violations, go to your steward or union officer. If you ignore it, the next lost job could be yours.

  • tired of the weak

    wow, it sounds like you all need alot of tissues in your offices. lets just be real here, are there great craft employee’s in the postal service? absolutly but are there more bad ones? oh heck yes! this is the same old case that is everwhere in the postal service, of the horrible employee’s are what the postal service is having to fix. yes mgmt’s job is easier but as far as I can read with the years you people say you have you could have become an EAS if you had tried, so don’t cry about how bad your supervisor is unless your willing to step up to the plate cause if not you just sound like a cry baby. what we really need to do in all crafts is start holding each other accountable for any inefficiencies, if you say you can delivery the mail with out supervson then why don’t you have the courage to tell your fellow carrier or clerk to do there work. we will be as weak as our weakest links in all crafts and mgmt.

  • CG

    I am calling TLC!! I think we need a reality show!! Any takers>>> !! We would be #1 for all the drama in the postal service!!

  • Mp

    Tired of the weak, I totally agree with you. I tell everyone in my office that if the government took over GM then we are next. It does not matter if you are craft or management; we all need a job or we would not be working. The said thing is most of the employees are great, but it is that small percentage that brings the whole company down. They either choose to do nothing and have everyone else do there work, the call-in FMLA, or the new fad is to file a claim and get paid to do less. We have one guy who has been on restrictions for a sprained ankle for six months. He no longer needs a brace, but his restrictions have not changed and he rides a Harley to work?? Bottom line is everyone needs to be available for work when at work. Last I checked a degree was not required for almost all positions in the USPS, but yet we start out making for the most educators, police officers, fire fighters, and military service men and women. I just hope everyone has a back up plan or the at least have a nice nest egg. I know I do. Good luck to us all if we don’t change or culture, attitudes, and work ethics. We should do like the military. The more specialties you have the more you get paid. If you can carry mail, operate the window, pitch the scheme, and box mail then you should get paid more. Just like being air borne, air assault, path finder, diver, or drill qualified you get paid for your skills and you are available for work when you clock in and go home when the job is done not when you 8 hours is up. I bet most of us made more last year then those seals that took out bin Landen out did.

  • recently retired

    Seems to me that an 1838C and a 3999 would accomplish the same thing as this assanine idea of video documentation


    I am reading many interesting comments….to me, however it all comes down to Congress and The Postal Board Of Governors.

    I see T-E s in their 30s running their A**** off with hardly any benefits, and at the same time carriers with over 30 years donig the best they can.

    Let’s face it…the U.S.P.S wants MANY MORE T-E s and fewer CSRS carrier employees.

    Young people with families need work. Older carriers, like myself, would gladly give up our routes and retire with a “little nudge”, let’s say a 25,000 “Handshake”


    Do some of you think that makes sense?

    I do.

    Even Representave ISSA seems to agree. Let’s get on with it and cut the unemployment rate.

    Sorry to have to double dip but they only allow so many words per post.


  • hopeandchange

    If they are just using video in your office, you are lucky. Somewhere in GA….We have had video “supervisors” on the street for TWO weeks! Trying to see if the M41 is being followed to the tee. I want one of those jobs! 6 figure salary, air conditioned car, Govt credit card……. DOIS said……. Almost everyone is working 10+ hours a day in 95+ heat. Except for TE’s! They are paying career employees overtime to case 2 or sometimes 3 routes, AND carry part of another, while TE’s sit at home til 10am. This is saving money?? When the USPS starts worring about it’s employees and it’s customers and stops worring about that stupid computer printout, it might quit bleeding money.

  • wastingaway

    I’ve been a TE going on 4 years now. I almost always work 6 days a week. When I put in for AL, it’s almost always denied. I don’t get NS days, instead I get “Call in” days to see if I’m needed for service, which I usually am because one of the career employees sees on the schedule that I’m to call in and decide that they want the day off instead.

    As you can imagine, it is extremely difficult to make any sort of plans with this kind of scheduling. I can’t make doctors appointments because none of them are open on Sunday, the only day I actually get off.

    Vacation time? If I have enough AL saved up (which isn’t usually a problem obviously), and once the calendar is passed around the career employees TWICE, I can have a shot at whatever days are left. As you can imagine, hardly any are.

    Benefits? Only AL. 2 hours every pay period. So that’s 1 day off earned every 2 months.

    Breaks? While the union has negotiated for carriers to have two 10 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch break, I’m lucky if I’m able to take one 10 minute break. My usual workload consists of carrying a route, 1-1.5 hours off another route and being back by 1700 (regardless of volume). A few times, I had to carry a route and half of another route (not an auxiliary route, either).

    To sum it up, TE’s are basically another version of career carriers – the version that is paid less, receives less benefits, gets little to no time off, and a year-to-year contract (which if you want to be renewed, you better do everything that’s asked of you and then some – and fast fast fast). You can argue that not all TE’s case routes, but I’d personally rather spend more time in the office casing than on the street delivering. The position may officially be titled Transitional Employee, but for the life of me I have no idea what I’m transitioning into. When I started, I thought I would eventually be promoted to a career carrier, but the USPS seems to want to do away with career employees. So no, being a TE isn’t as cushy as you may think it is.