APWU Local President Sees ‘Massive Losses’ for APWU in Tentative Agreement

From Clint Burleson, President of the Olympia WA Local, APWU

Massive Losses for APWU in Tentative Agreement

  • Moondawg

    This is scary stuff! (Don’t blame me, I voted NO..) and I hope this POS tentative contract gets voted down..

  • Jim M.

    Anyone who votes Yes for this contract is out of their mind. Let’s go to arbitration (what mangement doesn’t want) and take our chances there. We cannot afford to get screwed now or anytime in the future. We must be united and strong. I voted NO and I am pleading with everyone else to do the same!!!!

  • Julie

    Moondawg and Jim M., Have either of you ever been involved in an arbitration? I sincerely doubt it. Arbitration is never something you WANT to go to. In this economy the fact that we get any raise is amazing. All other federal workers are in a pay FREEZE. You really want ONE person to make a decision about the future of our pay raises, benefits and no lay-off clause? What if its a republican? Hello! I vote YES because I want to have a JOB!

  • pete

    To all of you who think by going to arbitration is going to get us back probably the highest cola in history around 80 cents an hour by the end of july for september checks is sadly mistaken. yes the union screwed up by not getting us colas for this year, but by already settleling on a contract with manage ment all but blows any chance of getting that cola back, and yes an 80 cent cola would equal about the whole 3.5% raises over the next 3 1/2 years we would be getting Another blunder by our great union. All is the aribitrator is going to do is throw this contract right back in our faces, not because if it is voted no, but because our great union and management have already settled on a tentive contract which included no colas this year, in stead of just going to arbitration, then we would of got this cola in our contract.

  • Bill L. Rendek


    I studied this contract and got a lot of imput from other Union members as well as other locals. “I VOTED NO !!” on the tentative aggreement and urge other members not to vote until they look over this contract completely and READ BETWEEN THE LINES…. before they vote.

    Thank You
    Denver National Distribution Center

  • Lanette Wardlaw

    Anyone who votes no on this contract obviously doesn’t watch the news. Do you all even know whats going on in this world???? VOTE YES!!!!