• Mailer

    I’d rather have a mailman crapping in my yard than live next to the freak who sits around his house waiting to photograph the mailman crapping in my yard. “Don” reminds me of the creepy brother played by Quentin Tarantino in Dusk Till Dawn.

  • trout

    I can hear the Union already? Hey you gotta go when you gotta go……

  • Kuhlbreeze

    The way the loops are set up nowadays they are gone from their vehicles sometimes up to a hour. They don’t have the luxury of a bathroom 20 feet away like people who work inside. I dont agree with what he did but I understand how it can happen. One time we had a lady mess her pants because she couldn’t make it.

  • Shawn

    This guy is most likely someone that supervision has scared into skipping his breaks in order to get back on time. All the supervisors care about is getting a bigger bonus. Routes are extremely overburdened and supervisors harass the letter carriers relentlessly with threats of discipline if they don’t finish their routes on time. Our station has letter carriers who carry “piss bottles” so they don’t have to drive to a public bathroom. There is no excuse for what this guy did, but people do illogical things when their livelihood is threatened.

  • mailman mike

    gee I wonder why where I work our postmaster want you only to use bathrooms with your breaks only

  • diane rutledge

    It’s obvious he couldn’t make it to the toilet and a lot of patrons don’t offer you their bathrooms. I was at Wal Mart in Bolingbrook Il This white lady was walking towards me Looking at me like she wanted to attack me, a piercing eye stare, when I looked down she was crapping down her legs leaving a trail down the isle I stop a worker and they handled it without flashing it all over the news. And to finalize this reply. People let their dogs poop in there neighbors yards and on the sidewalks everyday and they aren’t all small dogs. Thank you former carrier


    If he had gone back to his station, he would have deviated from his route.With supervisors out of the offices “checking”on the carriers, he would not have been seen on his route and would face discipline. Believe me I’ve been there

  • brian

    Really? Same yard? Same bushes?

  • Bob G.

    It happened to me when I was a carrier 25 years ago. Got a diarrhea spell and couldn’t hold it in the middle of a 20 minute walking loop. Luckily no one saw me or I probably wouldn’t be enjoying my retirement today.