• Humble Pie

    The Knoxville Motor Vehicle Craft members have my sympathy. The “scare tactics” your Craft Director uses made me laugh. Unless Postal Management has told him what they are thinking, (and I doubt that) how can he possibly know what another person wants or is thinking. For our jobs to survive, the Postal Service has to survive. That means sacrifices during tough times. Does he really know more than the national officers? Is he suggesting there is a conspiracy?

  • Dog Lover

    i am voting for the contract because i am sick of being a mailhahdler.i was a mvs driver in columbus ohio and we got contracted out 100%.so 25% of 600 hcr jobs is better than 0% of hcr jobs!maybe columbus ohio will be at the top of the list!

  • Led

    At first I thought you had a fair contract but now I have my doubts and would suggest that all members vote against this contract.
    I was a MVS Director years ago, but I have Retired.
    Looks like a bait and switch and bring in more part timers and ease out the full time MVS jobs.
    I would love to be able to work part time as a retiree under Social Security but they won’t allow that because I retired under CSRS…
    I think as a retiree rehired part time would be beneficial to the Union and Management more so than drivers hired off the streets with no postal experience.
    Most retired part timers would/should not accept a job that should go to a full time employee and it must be understood that it is part time and no work over 30 hours would be allowed including during the month of Dec. no acceptions…
    This is where the local MVS Director should have more say and control of MVS routes as to which shall be part time and which shall be full time routes.
    Time to close the gap on an open contract with too many grey areas…

  • Dinosaur in video

    To Humble Pie,
    There are no scare tactics in my video. Not once to tell anyone to vote no or yes. I express I’m against the new contract and what I believe it means.
    Management did tell me what they are going to do. In January of 2009 the implemented a “pilot program” in the MVS craft. This allowed an 8 hour shift to span up to 12 hours. This was for the purpose of, and this was told to us by our national directors as well as management, an attempt to try and cover the morning dispatch route as well as the afternoon close outs. 12 hours, however, was not a great enough window of time. Making NTFT jobs will allow them to accomplish want the intended to accomplish with the pilot program.
    75% of HCR routes coming back to craft can be filled by PSEs and count toward the 10% cap allowed in MVS thus increasing the part-time, lower paid workforce.
    The Postal Service will survive, and will do so by developing lower pay scales and a part-time workforce, so, with all due respect, you can laugh your way straight to the part-time worker ranks.

  • Dinosaur in video

    I meant NOT count towards the 10% cap.