• George

    What a sell out!

  • No More Guff

    Listen very carefully to this guy. He is telling you for the life of the agreement you cannot be forced into a job of less than 40 hours! This is a far cry from your entire career. What happens in 4 years? Any member who has more than 4 years left to work is a fool for voting yes. Protect your job, protect your future. VOTE NO!!!

  • mike holman

    really dont be a FOOL!!! vote NO!!!!!

  • Sweet Apple

    Even the current contract can not be secure, Congress can establish a law to abolish Collective bargaining. Also, any contract previously negotiated is only good until the term expires, after that everything has always been up in the air until a new agreement is negotiated. This is nothing new!!!!

  • Sell Out

    I believe that anytime postal management agrees with the contract and pushes for it in public, something and somewhere has gone wrong with the negotiations. Don’t believe a word you hear that this contract is the best for our times! Our officers could have done much better than what they agreed to! It appears that these officers that we currently have do not have the same mettle as our previous officers! They have destroyed the true meaning of “SOLIDARITY”. Vote “NO”.

  • Gregg

    If Mr.Spock were a current APWU member he would say this contract is illogical!!Fire your phaser on stun and aim it at Ensign Guffey!! Then throw him in the brig!!

  • Tes

    How come APWU HQ has fought to keep opposing Red Bank, NJ local and other locals from expressing their views along with the ballot mailings? Why can’t both sides views of this contract be heard by the rank & file?

  • Incompetence…never

    Any video that is just over 1 minute in length does NOT tell the complete story…give me a friggin break. Cliff and National are only about CLiff and National….PERIOD.

  • thatpostalguy

    This contract (I believe) gives away any and all bargaining chips for any and all future contracts what will the unions have to bargain with next? To take our 40 hours a week? Allow employees to be reduced and possibly change our craft after the life of the contract? Retirement? So many holes in this contract looks like swiss cheese.