Burrus: “If USPS management had a vote they would vote ‘Yes’ to ratify”

From former APWU President Bill Burrus:

April 9, 2011

In closely guarded statements, postal management has struggled to conceal its total satisfaction with the tentative agreement. In a series of public statements, USPS officials have guardly extolled their unanticipated success in transforming APWU represented workers’ assignments and reducing costs (wages) in the staggering amount of 3.8 billion dollars on the backs of the employees we represent.

Louis Giullano, Chairman of the Board of Governors said “this tentative agreement provides the Postal Service with three important things: immediate cost control, greater workforce flexibility, and long term structural changes.” “Most importantly, we do not believe these vital changes would have been possible in arbitration.”….. “The tentative labor agreement negotiated with APWU is a solid step to reducing labor costs.” “The Board unanimously supports the tentative agreement.”

James C. Miller of the Board of Governors, A President Bush appointee who has never been accused of being a friend of workers opined: “the reason we did not get more, and the reason we agreed in the end to the contract now out for ratification by the rank and file is that the current law governing our labor negotiations is biased against management and in favor of labor.”

And finally, Patrick Donahoe, Postmaster General could barely contain his satisfaction: “One of the most important aspects of this tentative agreement is that it provides significant workforce flexibility.”…Interest arbitration is not going to result in flexibility gains of this magnitude.”

The APWU officers who negotiated these provisions are in good company, and if USPS management had a vote they would vote “Yes” to ratify.

In union solidarity,

Bill Burrus

via William Burrus Souvenir Journal.

  • George

    AMEN! We have been sold-out by our elected officials.

  • Michele

    i am the senior ptf in a small office and at first thought that this contract could be a good one….until you read the fine print! yes i will be regular…BUT…my hours can be changed every week as long as it is posted the wednesday before. oh wait i’ll get holiday pay but can be moved to non-traditional position with 30 hours a week! woo-hoo! please people read the whole thing before you vote yes!

  • Sweet Apple

    We were sold out on the last contract , 1% and 1.2% raises while the Carriers got 1.8%-2% and no COLA the last 2 years!!!!! The APWU used thier resources renting 72 buses to support the Louisiana Six and trying to get a Confederate Memorial removed from the South Carolina statehouse.

  • Sweet Apple

    If Burrus was so concerned he should have stayed and negotiated this contract. He knew this snowball was going downhill fast, that’s why he jumped. Anyone could see this old train was headed for a derailment, that’s why he timed his retirement for last fall.

  • ed8

    Ummm Management did have a vote they agreed to this agreement prior to it going to our memebership. They had a vote on any negotiated agreements Burrus had as well. I realize Burrus has a voice in this union but is this really the best way, most beneficial way for him to use it?? By creating dissention. I dont think anyone loves this deal but accepts it as better than anything we can get at arbitration. Burrus raved about a pay increase given to clerks making them compatible with carriers pay but seems to overlook the countless clerks we lost to excessing into the carrier craft from that short sighted view. Bill if you were so concerned you should have stayed on. You bailed knowing how difficult this contract was going to be. nuff said

  • John D

    The impottant thing right now is job sercurity!

  • James P

    The way I undertstand it: you could have a full time 40 hr clerk job now and another employee be a PTF w/30 hrs, but once the contract is settled management could determine they need 2 – 30 hr FTR positions instead and would abolish both positions and post 2 new 30 hr FTR jobs, reducing the original FT clerk’s base pay by 25% (do the math!) Is this really what the membership wants???

  • fl-mpe

    For the people voting yes…..did you READ the tentative agreement? Or are you mindless canon fodder who does whatever the national officers want you to do? The national leaders are screwing us and you twits say, “Oh thank you. Do me again”. Time to wake up morons.

  • JD-ET

    I agree with fl-mpe, the national leaders sold us out. They took care of themselves though. I’m voting no and I would also like to see a change in our leadership. The USPS is too happy about this agreement for some reason.

  • brian

    How did they take “care of themselves”?

  • Julie

    There is alot of misinformation being disseminated in these comments. Everyone has to decide this contract for themselves. Read the tentative contract, do not listen to this blather.
    James P. You did not read correctly. Any FTR on the rolls at the signing of the agreement cannot be worked less than 40 hours over 5 days. Management and the local union can create Non Traditional Positions that are 30-48 hours 3, 4, 5, or 6 days in lenght, but no one currently a FTR can be involuntarily placed in a job bid that is less than 40 hours over 5 days.
    I can’t belive how many of you hear one thing they don’t particularly like and blow it out of proprotion. Just for me, I want job security, I do not care if I get a raise this year, COLA is a bonus, not an entitlement. I do not trust arbitration, I have seen too many go the wrong way. Is the USPS happy with this contract, maybe, but they would have liked to get rid of the no-lay-off clause too and they were not able to. Why can’t both sides of a negotiation be happy with some of the contract. Thats why they NEGOTIATE! I will be voting YES because I do not want an unknown entity (arbitrator) deciding that due to the fiscal situation of the USPS they have decided that the no-lay-off clause should now be removed from the contract.

  • James P.

    I am just going by the info I get through postalnews, since the APWU has yet to send out a copy of the agreement or the ballot as of this afternoon. All I’ve been able to find on the APWU website is “the highlights” of which I am very leary. The APWU and USPS acted very quickly to come to an agreement so what I want to know is: what is the union hiding that they are so quick to want the membership to blindly vote yes before knowing what they have buried in the contract?

  • Kathy Moore

    Who is going to redesign these jobs? MGMNT or APWU or outside entity? Can’t make you take, but don’t need your job so take lesser or be excessed out of here; Now what’s your choice. Got a 1% pay raise but lost 10 hours a week- Did you get a pay raise or pay CUT? Don’t need you for 40 hrs cuz we have cheaper labor that we can use more of- Sounds like a GREAT contract to me- NOT!!!!