Will Dennis Ross investigate Volusia County for buying votes?

Based on the following, from a tweet by Congressman Dennis Ross earlier today, Ross still thinks the APWU is “buying votes” when it offers cash prizes to locals that have the highest turnout in the contract ratification voting that starts tomorrow:

unions + paying people to vote = ripe for fraud. Illegal in politics mostly.Apr 07 via Seesmic for Android

… which makes me wonder if the Congressman will investigate Volusia County in his home state of Florida for the same “crime”? Last year the county transit system offered a free ride to the polls for voters. The County’s violation would seem to be far more flagrant than the union’s- it offered something of value to everyone who voted, while the APWU is only offering a chance at winning a very small prize.

The APWU prizes, if they are all awarded, add up to $7,400, spread over a membership of about 170,000. Locals that manage to win would receive between $2 and $4 per member. And since the money is “to be used on behalf of local members” (regardless of whether they all voted or not), it’s a bit difficult to see the awards as “bribes”. The fact that you vote guarantees you nothing. People who don’t bother to vote will still benefit from the award if their local wins. And of course, it doesn’t matter which way the local votes. Where’s the beef?

I’d say Volusia County is a better bet!

  • jennie

    Don’t let him get to ya,i’m behind you all the way! ross is just another typical wanna be union buster, loved the “let’s both be honest comment”! he didn’t,wasn’t ready to answer that one was he!? HA! go get em!