Postal Regulatory Commission will close if government shuts down (post offices will remain open with normal delivery)

While post offices across the US will not be affected by a shutdown of the federal government (contrary to what you might have heard, the USPS is in much better financial shape than the rest of the government), the Postal Regulatory Commission will have to close if Congress causes a shutdown. The PRC has just posted the following on its web site:

April 07, 2011 – If the current continuing resolution expires at 12:01 a.m. on April 9, 2011 without passage of an FY 2011 appropriations bill or a further continuing resolution, the Postal Regulatory Commission will be required to shut down.

In that event, effective April 11, 2011, the Commission will be closed until such time as an FY 2011 appropriation or a continuing resolution for the Commission has been approved. With respect to proceedings pending before the Commission, the due date for all filings will be extended day-for-day for the duration of the shutdown. Thus, if the shutdown lasts a total of seven (7) calendar days, the due date for all filings otherwise due during the shutdown is extended by seven (7) days from the due date. For example, assuming an initial due date of April 13, 2011 and a 7-day shutdown which concludes April 18, 2011, the revised due date is April 20, 2011. During the shutdown, the Commission’s Docket section will not be operational. However, filings may be submitted. All filings submitted during the shutdown will be processed and posted to the Commission’s website when the Commission resumes normal operations.

via Postal Regulatory Commission: Breaking News.

  • cindy

    Wow, how will we go on without their
    their timely decisions.

  • Jack Cass

    Should’ve shut their fat worthless asses down before they had their year-long brainstorm session on five day delivery which ended with the brilliant conclusion, ” We don’t know.”

  • jack


  • Bill

    Oh my GOD—yea not OMG……What will happen to mail delivery—-their docket section is down!!!my god! how will mail get delivered???Oh yea clerks give carriers mail carriers deliver.PRCommision–what do they do the other 364 days of the year????? Sorry minus Saturdays.Will thier pay decrease?

  • Sue

    The mail will still deliever as go on while shutdown. Post Office will keep running while Postal Regulatory Commision gets Shutdown. We clerks and carriers still have to work.

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  • jennie

    this is a good way to inform the general public, which most of them have no idea, that the POST OFFICE is NOT subsidized by “their” tax dollars! maybe the next cost increase we won’t have to hear as much complaining about a penny increase! sure hope we get our pay checks that we’ll still be having to be working for in a timely fashion though! these people in washington “representing us” need to get their acts together! why don’t they just do a across the board cut? take a specfic % from every service across the board! what dumb asses!