• DB

    Why the heck does MSNBC show clips of letter carriers in this news item, when the discussion regards clerks who work inside? Also, he mentions 47-cent postage. It’s currently 44-cents—Do-Face!

  • DB

    to continue…It’s obvious that Issa doesn’t have a true understanding of the postal service. He equates the clerks’ union agreements with the letter carriers negotiations (which doesn’t occur til Nov.)! He doesn’t even know the cost of a first class stamp! …And, we are expected to trust his ideas/suggestions? I think NOT!


    Rep ISSA is discombobulated. Ist he states that there are 170,000 postal employees that just wont retire, they keep on working. Then he says that the PO needs to pay for all those expensive employees that are always retiring! WOW! And of course the 47cent stamp. I am glad he is not my T-6……

  • R_U_Clueless?

    Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure it was flexibility up to 44 hours a week, not 48. Amazing.

  • Anthony

    How stupid is it that there’s as many republicans as there are within the postal service? Let me see…you have a union job, you want all the benefits that come with the job, and you whine like a bi#tch whenever mgmt bothers you? What an idiot.