Video: Dennis Ross rants at APWU President

Florida Congressman and former corporate lawyer Dennis Ross earned a mild rebuke from Chairman Darrell Issa for his antics at yesterday’s “oversight” hearing- here he tries to get the APWU President to admit that he thinks the tentative agreement is (gasp!) a good deal, falsely accuses the APWU of “buying” votes for the contract, and for good measure, gets snippy when Cliff Guffey asks him if he’s going to be honest:

  • Kathy Bush

    Wow, with that guy’s logic, my polling place is buying votes because they have donuts for the people that show up. I’m so sick of the attacks on unions.

  • bubba

    maybe ross needs to take a paycut,and pay more for his fat pension and cadillac health care,ross do everyone a favor you and issa both need to resign ,the usps pay is in line with private sector delivery service,the usps doesn’t receive a penny from taxpayers unlike ross the taxpayers pay your salary

  • wakeuppeople

    You fools are falling for the Right Wing B/S again . Wake up there are only a small percentage of people still working in union organizations and if you keep voting republican we will all be working for walmart wages! Ross is Scum!