• WTF!?!?

    Seriously………….I’m not sure this guy has any brains at all. With all that money he has you would think he could pay someone to tell him the correct facts. He sounds dumber and dumber by the day.

  • bubba

    hey issa i want to keep my s.s. also why dont you take a paycut or just resign your bankrupting america and i agree with WTF!?!? YOU SEEM TO GET DUMBER EVERYDAY

  • Budzfrog

    I guess he hasnt sent his Mom a card in awhile.

  • Gregg

    Hey,give Issahole a break!! 47 cents will be the cost in the near future for first class postage.You heard it from Tommy Boy first!! What a friigin MORON this guy is!! And Budzfrog is right. This goon will send his mom a Happy Mothers Day Text!! Bet she will love that!!What a LOSER!!

  • postal

    keep pounding his facebook page


  • guest

    if the asshole republicans do away with medicare will they give me back all the money i put in that would only be the right thing to do OH silly me they are holding billions of our retirement overpayment hostage and all they say is FFFFFFFFFFFFF**************CCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK you

  • Nutzy

    He is unbelievabley stupid who who voted for this dick???

  • huh

    Isn’t this the same video as the one posted earlier? Why is this video posted twice? Am I missing something?

    Issa is clueless..period!

  • El Perro

    RE:Nutzy He comes from a rightwing district in the San Diego area, bunch of retired military and teabagger types, he uses the good ole Republican wedge politics of GUNS,GAYS,GOD and GANGS, works like a charm every election!!

  • bubba

    issa are you that stupid u dont know what stamps cost u are the biggest loser ok ross is a loser also issa is stupid
    issa dont forget your paycheck comes from taxpayers usps funds itself loser

  • bubba

    issa tell the american public how much of their tax money you get i think there should be a limit on your pay 45000 a year remeber people republicans look out for their own rich fat cats and screw the workers.issa trivia for you what gov. organization funds itself?usps…. stay out of our business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!another trivia who is the biggest loser?good job issa its you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moondawg

    For the few of you who don’t get it! Stamps are .44cents! not .47 like this idiot Issa is spewing…

  • loco

    He get’s his facts from Michelle Bachmann…..both have their heads up their …whatever

  • Ha

    When is the internet going to be regulated? Does anyone other than myself believe that as the the “Republican Party agenda” toward the USPS takes effect that all the “bill pay” options as a “convenience” to Americans will be a money-making opportunity to all the corporate companies in America? If you don’t think eliminating the postal service won’t be a money making move to charge us a “convenience fee” to use the internet bill pay in the near future to increase their profits you better start thing a little deeper. Some sites are charging a fee to pay on-line. Wait until the Postal Service is eliminated! It may be 10- 20 years from now but just imagine the fees that will be charged.