NE Mass APWU Local tells members to vote ‘no’ on contract

The APWU’s Northeast Massachusetts Area Local has recommended that members reject the tentative contract agreement- here’s the pamphlet the local has produced outlining its reasons:

NE Mass APWU Local Pamphlet on 2011 Tentative Contract

Direct link to .pdf file.

  • jean

    nrlca negotiations went to arbritration, due in part to a proposed 20% cut in rural carrier compensation. if i’m going to get 20% less pay, i want to work 20% fewer hours. times, and the economy, have changed folks. i’m not at all confident we would do any better through arbritration.

  • John

    congratulations on a local stepping up to the plate and telling it like it is!!!!!!! WELL DONE, Bill and Dom, this has to be the worse tentative agreement in the history of this nation not to mention this union. VOTE NO !!!

  • Tony Park

    This is the best tentative agreement for all the part time regulars who have been working 4 hrs a week in SanFrancisco . Cuz now we are going back to full matter what. To people who say No: You would never know how miserable to work 4 hrs a week ,making $216 in every other week !!

  • Kevin

    I printed this and distributed at my P&DC. Our local president said Bill and Dom are lying about the facts and the next day distributed a rebuttal as damage control. I’m sure they are taking a lot of heat from this article from the union officers.