Columnist: Did USPS lie about Lima complaints?

In the Lima Ohio News columnist Jim Krumel suggests the USPS was less than truthful in responding to press inquiries about the Lima plant’s consolidation into Toledo, which was the subject of a recent Inspector General report:

When the newspaper contacted the U.S. Postal Service in November about the ongoing problem, spokesman David Walton of the Cincinnati District said he was unaware of any service issues. We joked in November that Walton didn’t know about the complaints because his mail was still stuck in Toledo. That was funny then, not so much anymore.

On Friday, we learned that the Cincinnati District received 610 complaints and another 410 were received by the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General. That was made public in an audit released by the Inspector General’s Office. The audit basically admitted the Postal Service failed in almost every way possible when it closed the Lima facility.

It appears that either Walton or his public relations staff are either incompetent or they simply lied to us.

  • Supervisor

    On this is surprising? Almost every AMP is a forgone conclusion. Anything that goes against the AMP is just ignored or lied about

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  • Incompetence…never

    Incompetent…YES. Liars….YES. Management, on the middle and bottom tiers are TOLD to lie in order to send those posing the questions off course. They KNOW service degradation is a HUGE part of AMP and Consolidations. During a meeting last August, of management hoo haas, they were told to AMP at all costs. Change service standards to facilitate AMP…

  • Frank A. Quan

    The clown they call Postmaster General has been bought by big mailer lobbyists. He and his executive staff have no idea of what they are doing. Consolidation and closing of Processing and Distribution Plants will only harm the now inefficient USPS. Management never thinks anything through before implementing it. They lie and cover up all that is revealing or to the detrement of their ill devised plans. The USPS is still the best bang for your postal dollar today. Let the executives cut their pay and get rid of all the uneeded management and allow us to do our jobs. The American people need and expect superior service from the Postal Service. Let us continue to supply them with it. No consolidations or closures! No lost jobs! No Congressinal interference in our negotiated contract! Make the USPS abide by the contract. APWU all the way!