Retired Massachusetts letter carrier accused of workers comp fraud

A retired mail carrier from Quincy has been accused of keeping his golf-playing and landscaping a secret while collecting worker’s compensation payments. Federal prosecutors said Daniel T. Driscoll, 50, was indicted in Boston federal court this week. Driscoll was accused of submitting false documents and forms to the U.S. Postal Service, his former employer, and to the Department of Labor, in which he failed to disclose his true ability to work and medical condition. Prosecutors said he didn’t report his frequent participation in physical activities from August through October of 2009.

  • duckman

    maybe if we look at all compensation cases- we could really cut costs

  • Brenda

    Make no mistake: If you are collecting WC and sitting at home, saying you cant work, you better not be out there playing golf, boating (hauling boats in and out of the water), landscaping….all that bending over and reaching), lifting heavy items. They will catch you, or someone will turn you in to the Postal Inspectors. There is one guy I know of I would love to turn in. If it is truly a case of you cant work, then just be careful. With the way it is now at the PO, there is no Light Duty so they dump everyone off to WC, which I think is going to force more cases like this happening. Its like you cant carry your mail anymore BUT there’s no light duty. Hmmmmm if it were me I would just go out on fers disability. They don’t want you on WC either.