NAPUS and League Leaders Commit to Joint Effort to Protect Post Offices

From the National Association of Postmasters of the United States:

NAPUS and League Leaders Meet to Coordinate Strategies to Protect Post Offices

Today, NAPUS and League leaders and their legislative staffs met to coordinate strategies to challenge the Postal Service’s proposed regulatory changes, which if implemented, would result in countless communities being denied their rights to protect post offices in rural areas. The Postal Service’s plan would streamline the review process for closing post offices, which would include determining whether a post office has sufficient workload to remain open and whether alternatives to provide postal services can be located.

Next week the NAPUS Government Relations Department will conduct a teleconference with all 51 Legislative Chairs and members of the Post Office Preservation Committee to brief them on strategies that both Postmaster organizations have jointly agreed to pursue to prevent these proposed regulatory changes from taking place.

Further information on this very important matter will be posted on the NAPUS website next week. Please check here for updates!!

Charlie Moser

April 1, 2011

via NAPUS.

  • John

    Keep all Po’s open and continue 6 day delivery……The Unions must think money grows on trees. GET REAL AND DO THE RIGHT THING……………SOON!!!!!!!!!!