APWU: Management Must Convert PTFs

Managers who are relying on an alleged hiring freeze to justify their refusal to convert MVS part-time flexible employees to full-time are in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

In response to inquiries by the APWU, the USPS manager of contract administration has reported that there is no nationwide hiring freeze in the MVS Craft or other crafts represented by the APWU. Furthermore, he said, USPS headquarters has not issued instructions to the field to change conversion procedures.

The bottom line: All managers must adhere to contractual provisions regarding the conversion of part-time flexible employees.

via Management Must Convert PTFs.

APWU: USPS Letter on conversions of PTFs

  • AnthonyG

    This is just the begining on many proplems the new contract will bring if ratified. The struggle will continue in the frontlines.