OIG says USPS should use part-time routers for most carrier office work

The USPS Inspector General claims the postal service could save as much as $2.3 billion a year by using part time employees to case and prepare mail for city letter carriers. The OIG arrived at this conclusion after comparing USPS work methods with those of FedEx and UPS.

Postal service management disagreed with the recommendation, pointing out that it was not possible under current collective bargaining agreements. The USPS did say that it is

currently working with NALC to examine how city delivery routes might be structured in the future. The parties are working on a test that will attempt to separate the casing and delivery functions to the extent possible while operating within the current work rules…

Management also indicated in a separate discussion that the Postal Service will pursue additional flexibility in the workforce and provided a target date of May 2012 for their ongoing test to separate the casing and delivery functions.

USPS OIG Management Advisory – Benchmarking Mail Distribution to Carriers

  • Roto Router

    Didn’t we already try this a while back?

  • ron

    duh been tried before,do your study about the omb,,,get off your ass straighten out the retirement mess at the omb and we will get out leaving it to clowns like you to finish running the post office out of business

  • PTF

    What a joke, do they know how to hold mail for vacationers, forward mail for people,as a matter of fact WHAT DO THEY KNOW????????? The OIG should come down an case the mail,,, hahhahaha

  • JY

    What a farce! UPS does NOT load their own vehicles!

  • anonymous

    I thought that was what the FSS machines were doing, eliminating office time, we don’t get our mail fast enough as it is, now they want someone else to case it and have it ready, but it won’t be ready in time unless they want us out delivering late at night, the OIG needs to give up on thinking of new(old) ideas

  • Danny

    Crooks and liars…………! Greedy as well

  • greg

    Ups employees don’t walk 8 hours a day either!

  • Larry

    lets see him carry mail for 7 hours. he was probably a clerk who never hit the street and has no idea what it takes out of you on the street.
    what a joke these folks are. They sleep well at night knowing that they do nothing, but justify their actions because they get to play dress up coming out of their houses. we are run by a bunch of RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dothejob

    let’s see OIG get up and walk a few miles haha
    replace OIG with people who really work
    sitting on your ASS is not a job what a waste

  • TinkoDinko

    Another joke from the OIG, so the PO won’t care about window of operation anymore since the mail doesn’t get to the PO until 7h30.

    Except if they want us all carriers to go the plant, get our mail and drive all the way to the route to deliver the mail. which is a little crazy

  • cb

    just sell the USPS and get rid of it. Has anyone carried there route after someone cased it that doesn’t know your route. There was soooo many mistakes. It was so frustrating. Just sell the USPS and get some real people to run it.

  • clerk

    hey larry, our clerks have to remember 1400 scheme items and 2900 po boxes. what do you have, maybe 900 deliveries to remember? case a few letter & flats, load your truck and you’re out of there. at least you get to get some excercise in, we just have to unload trucks, break down mail, set out mail, unload sacks, stand on the window most of the day, dispatch mail, and put up with management all day!!! what’s your beef? you afraid to melt in the rain? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • clerk

    hey larry, i forgot, our clerks also help deliver express after we distribute the mail every morning, and we are a level 22 office, what about that? taking the carriers work away a little at a time!!!!

  • Mitchell M

    Not sure what is the difference if the first 2 hours or in office or on street. Dont know of to many people that want to be on the street for 8 hrs in a day. Dumbist idea I have heard yet.

  • In Limbo

    And you thought HQ needed incentives, buyouts,& VERAs to get you retired.

  • carrier

    As a Carrier, this idea would waste time. Carrying mail that someone else cases is much harder. The casers wouldn’t even really know the routes. Mistakes wouldn’t matter to them. Street time would go up dramatically. Not to mention if this did happen, it wouldn’t be carriers casing… the clerks would fight it and get the work back to their craft.

  • sb carrier

    what a genius idea. coming from someone that also believes dois is spot on. ive had ptf’s case my route. either they case upside down or case on the wrong street. they dont know forwards from a hole in the ground. they tend to throw 1st class mail in the ubbm. kind of reminds me of fss implementation.

  • sammy

    Another fiasco like FSS

  • regular carrier

    What a great idea!!! We have seen how successful the process is using pivoting to save labor. Unfamiliar people forced to spend short amounts of time on routes they neither know or care about. PTF’s and TE’s that are pushed to go faster so they shortcut the process at every step. Big Winner, No-one….Big Loser, the customer and the employee

  • Steve

    Great idea. Why do you think UPS and FedEx are so profitable? This is a great idea.

    Put the carrier out on the road for the entire 8 hours like the competitors do…

    As for comment “the casers wouldn’t even know the routes”. Oh yes they would, don’t the part timers know the routes for FEDEX and UPS? Think about it.

  • Butch

    Your an idiot. Some carriers don’t care when working on other routes. It’s thrown together so fast, it sucks figuring it out. No note as far as where the parcel or spr goes on what loop. Where are the info cards (dog alerts, forwards, etc.) that should be cased? Where’s the customer’s hold mail that should have been delivered that day? Trust me, my route is more efficient when I set it up.
    As far as UPS/FedEX, it’s easy placing packages inside a truck coming off a conveyor belt. Big Deal!

  • Steve

    “Some carriers don’t care when working on other routes.”

    Thats the problem. Get employees that “CARE”.

  • Jerusalem

    I worked for a regional delivery company before starting for the USPS as a carrier over 12 years ago. It was similar to UPS. On my heaviest day, I had 125 stops (Deliveries and pickups) and on average had 95 stops (packages, of course, were more than that). This is a far cry from deliverying mail to the 695 current addresses on my route.

    FSS is coming, and we’re going to have to adapt and accept it. But using routers to save money is not going to work, for many of the reasons that have been expressed above. If we want to save money, the USPS has to give a VERA to senior carriers making top scale, and bring in ptfs and TEs to work our SDOs and vacant routes. A carrier has to perform all the duties of a route to do it correctly and efficently. When you only perform part of a route’s duties, you will inevitiably take short cuts because you have nothing invested in the route, which only makes it worse for the other people carrying the route, and the customers the route serves.

    WE are the ones that need to come up with the solutions, because right now the people that are telling us what we should try are uneducated abuot our jobs, and trying to compare apples to oranges. I’ve said it hundreds of times: I love my job, I just wish they’d let me do it.

  • troy

    Sure carriers will be crippled 5 to 10 years earlier. What what a plan. Doesn’t suprise me the OIG comes up with some wild idea’s.

  • Handsome J

    “The OIG arrived at this conclusion after comparing USPS work methods with those of FedEx and UPS.”

    Exactly how many pieces of letter size mail do these parcel services case and deliver OIG? Oh that’s right …… NONE.
    I have over 800 possible deliveries with 15 Beach Condos that are full of hundreds of families that come and go every year. I have to know who used to live there, who lives there now, who goes away for six months at a time, when they will or may be back and who may be staying at their condo while they are gone. Not to mention the hour of business’s and the two and a half hours of private homes that I deliver. How many people and families can you remember OIG?
    Or are we just Social Security numbers to you?
    Get your head out of your A$$ … All routes are different and the Carriers try very hard to keep the Post Office “people friendly” despite all the stupid ways you phoneys try to justify your jobs by making ours harder and less cost effective.
    But then again…… No one that matters up there is even listening


    @Steve: UPS and FEDEX are profitable because THEY CHARGE WAY WAY MORE! They have 1/3 (or Less) non-productive employees. And I wish I had a dollar for every time A UPS or FED ex driver has asked me if a person lived on the route or what apartment they lived in. If you have 500 apartments with the same street address, how is a router ever going to know which apartments all the insufficiently addressed mail belongs to? That knowledge comes from delivering the mail. Also UPS and FEDEX don’t have to shoulder the financial burden of not one but two internal police and investigative arms like the PO has with the Postal Inspection service and the Office of Inspector General.

  • dryMAILman

    In the spirit of this, I’m going to start a few audits for @OIGUSPS on Twitter. My first audit determines whether anyone at the OIG is able to demonstrate how to carry and deliver postal FSS on foot or from a vehicle under stressful conditions. Also in the spirit of this, I’ll finish this audit here: The answer is ‘No.’

  • jimbo

    nothing ever changes with these federally protected fools with ideas that you spend a million dollars to save a thousand dollars.they still do the same thing over and over.they try so called ‘new’ideas that i saw them try 25 years ago.they are trying to force the veteran carriers out by taking these carriers who have given thier entire adult life to the postal service and putting thier tired aging bodies on the street for 8 hours.thats how the usps thanks its long term employees.believe me when i say this……….if they think young subs are going to sort mail for me and throw me on the street at my age for 8 hours,i promise it wont be for 8 hours.it will be 9 or 10 hours minimum.you dont reward your faithful employees by punishing them.i speak for a large majority of carriers when i say this.you would be smart to listen.