PRC Publishes List of Suspended Post Offices

In response to a request from the Postal Regulatory Commission, the US Postal Service earlier this month provided the PRC with a list of suspended post offices, stations and branches that may be reviewed for closure.

While the USPS complied with the request, it asked the PRC to keep the list secret, claiming that releasing it would create “unnecessary concern and confusion for postal customers and their communities”.

The Commission disagreed, and released the list today. The USPS says it has 229 Post Offices and 137 Stations and branches whose operations are suspended, although it isn’t 100% positive- the USPS response says: “Despite significant effort, this list may still contain errors.”

List of Suspended Post Offices

  • David

    There is at least two entries from Oklahoma that are omitted from that list.

  • cindy

    the list should be twenty times this long.

  • Dolaquantravious

    This foos can’t even put them in alphabetical order. sorry mofos’

  • I Don’t Know Anymore

    Way to go PRC. The USPS wants to keep everything secret! We are forbidden to tell employees or customers anything. Hell, they even tell us to lie! I’m glad the PRC is taking them to task!