Susan Collins reacts to PRC opinion on 5 day mail delivery

Washington, DC – The Postal Regulatory Commission today released an Advisory Opinion on the U.S. Postal Service five-day delivery plan. The Postal Service must obtain a Commission Advisory Opinion on any change in nationwide service it proposes. The Opinion found annual net savings to be an estimate is $1.7 billion versus the Postal Service’s savings estimate of $3.1 billion among other discrepancies

Senator Susan Collins, the Ranking Member of Senate Committee that oversees the Postal Service, issued the following statement.

"The PRC found that the Postal Service’s estimate of savings was inflated and points out that ending Saturday delivery would delay approximately a quarter of first class and priority mail. While cutting service would save the Postal Service money, it would also drive down the mail volume that is critical to maintaining its solvency.

"Moreover, the PRC exposes the Postal Service’s failure to even consider the likely harm to rural postal customers. Echoing my warnings, PRC Chairman Ruth Goldway acknowledged in her addendum to the Opinion that five-day delivery would ‘unfairly discriminate’ against rural postal customers. The Advisory Opinion raises many of the same questions that I have posed over and over. These consequences simply must be addressed before consideration of such a significant service reduction."

In February, Senator Collins introduced legislation to help the Postal Service regain its financial footing as it adapts to the era of increasingly digital communications. The "U.S. Postal Service Improvements Act of 2011" would help the USPS achieve financial stability and future cost savings without undermining customer service.

  • Vennie

    Collins is one reason the PO is in a financial mess. The best thing Collins can do to help the PO is shut up and refund the money her and her cronies stole from the PO. Congress is incapable of doing anything right.

  • John


  • 010 worker

    Quote: “The best thing Collins can do to help the PO is shut up and refund the money her and her cronies stole from the PO.”

    Question: Where did that money come from? Answer: Overcharging the customers to make the payments. The money does not belong to the USPS, it belongs to the customer.

  • Jack

    010? Really? That’s how you figure it out? Apparently, you can’t fix 010 either!!!

  • Reagen

    Ups does not deliver on Saturday and they make a profit, Goverment is not the solution Goverment is the problem.

  • kurt

    010… is the money overpaid by the usps the customers money.not the first time i`ve heard that.didn`t the customer pay the usps to deliver their mail, which is a service provided, and workers are paid to do such job.delivering mail is not for are paying for such service,how does that make the overpayment to csrs the “customers money”?, when all that money is from work done by the usps.if you cut someones grass for tendollars, is it still their! i don`t get it!!!!

  • james

    it seems you don”t know jack either jack

  • Ghost of Runyon

    The focus on bashing Federal and state worker is to cover up and divert attention from the fact that congress has mismanaged and overspent our tax dollars to the tune of trillions. Congress is running the biggest ponzi sheme since the beginning of time.
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