Darrell Issa thinks maybe we should just get rid of the USPS altogether?

Twitter has provided politicians a quick and easy way to broadcast their opinions- we’ve told you previously how the USPS’s congressional overseer, Dennis Ross doesn’t think postal workers should have unions, never mind collective bargaining. Now his boss, Darrell Issa, has suggested that maybe we don’t need the USPS at all.

Earlier today, Issa asked his disciples what they wanted from “government”.

What do you want from your government? @ msg me and RT if you can so I can hear from as many Americans as possible. Will share responsesMar 19 via TweetDeck

Here’s the response that earned Darrell’s “Amen!”:

Amen! RT @KYColChad @DarrellIssa national defense and enforcement of private contracts. Private sector has everything else covered just fineMar 19 via TweetDeck

So no postal service. While that should obviously concern the millions of people whose livelihood depends on the mailing industry, the larger implications of Issa’s “Amen!” are pretty frightening- no Interstate Highway System, no public schools, no rules to prevent the sale of unsafe products, no child labor law- you can go on and on. (You could even include Twitter in that list- it’s a private endeavor, but it relies on the Internet- an entity created by the US Government, not by Darrell’s beloved small businessmen). We’d leave it up to the nuclear industry to make sure their reactors are safe- imagine how much money we’d have saved if we’d bought a bunch of cheap reactors like the Russians used at Chernobyl!

It’s always been a mystery to me why any postal or mailing industry workers would vote for people like Issa- statements like this one make you wonder why any sane person would do so.

Twitter / @Darrell Issa: Amen! RT @KYColChad @Darre ….

  • Mailer

    There is a substantial percentage of the population who don’t believe in civilized society as it exists (and has existed, more or less, since ancient times). Let’s hope they stick to re-reading well-worn copies of Atlas Shrugged and posting on truther forums.

  • gruntled

    Maybe we should give some serious thought to doing away with Issa. Recall anyone?

  • postal worker

    You don’t have to get rid of USPS just fix the broken parts. Number 1, is it a business or service for the American people. Number 2, Freeze all salaries over $100,000 for 3 years and there will be no more incentive for these people to stay. This will bring in lower salaried workers that actually pay into Social Security. Number 3, Make sure the American people know that their tax dollars do not pay or go towards the operation of the USPS. Number 4, Flexibility with 4 Unions and their restrictions on work rules. All employees should be able to handle mail and get it delivered, if this is a business for the People. Thanks for listening

  • Neal Down and Ben Dover

    First thing we should do is take Issa’s free mail perks away!

  • Japw

    To: postal worker. Sounds like a simple, common sense approach, so most likely will not succeed.

  • AZ2ME

    Issa is a clueless idiot. The need for the the USPS is not only obvious, but pervasive to the American way of life. I wonder which political action committee is fronting the money for his next run for re-election.

    The Postal Service is far from perfect, but there are many reasons for this: Postal management policies, and the unions involved as well.

    We will be needing this institution for many years to come.

    P.S., I am a 32 year veteran of the USPS. And proud of it.

  • bubba

    issa your an idiot stop wasting my tax money and resign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bubba

    issa my tax money pays your wages your an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom

    I wonder if Mr. Issa will be paying for his own postage from now on instead of sending and receiving his mail free of charge? Surely he will be paying for all of his campaign mailings out of his own pocket.

  • union_member

    @postal worker & “just fix the broken parts” … a big thumbs up to your comments!!!

  • Hamilton

    Mr. Issa, you are an idiot, and have no clue what you are doing or saying. I have worked at the USPS for 32 years and my wife retired from it as well. You , yourself are in trouble and are just trying to make a name for yourself by closing the USPS. Let me tell you something, it was here long before you and it will be here long after. How in the hell do you think people are going to get the mail that is delivered now. Fix the problems, like getting rid of your permanent retirement salary you don’t deserve for the rest of your life for sitting on your ass, making stupid decisions. You have to much authority in this country and I would like to be on the committee that checks out all your illegal activeties. Get your head out of your ass, and tyr to correct and restructure the USPS, rather than eliminate it. The next thing you will be doing is keeping our retirement money to ensure yours. Union President

  • Tony

    VERA on 3/25/11….and I for one will go.
    35 yrs and only 52….why are rules stopping me from retiring? 30 yrs and out .

  • RH

    The Postal Service should boycott future mailings by Issa
    and force him to go door-to-door himself.

  • Ray Tralie

    I have been a blue collar union worker for most of my working life. I’m 61. During those years it has always been the conservatives that wanted to take away my union won wages and benefits. I work for the postal service. Over the years when the service made a profit it was taken by the federal government. Maybe if this was not done we would be in the black. Who knows? You also have to know though that the postal service built a helicopter pad at my facility for $8oo,ooo that the FAA ruled was illegal.

  • posty


  • tom

    Our government, on both sides of the aisle, doesn’t seem to be working either.
    Why don’t we dismantle that also. Get real.

  • Brenda

    That would be a real joke getting read of the PO altogether. It would be real funny seeing who is going to deliver all those advertisement when it is time to vote. They all come into the PO….thousands of pieces of skinny flats that are not in carrier sequence and us clerk—-1-2 of us have to manually throw these. Who is going to deliver all of those political adverts then? Fed ex would charge about 5.00 a piece. UPS would charge maybe 4.50 a piece. Post office charges around 5 cents a piece. Hmmmm and he wants to get rid of us. Its maddening to even listen to a piece of crap like this guy. The PO is making is miserable for all of us in the boat right now. Not enough Postal clerks and tons of work. I dont know where they get there info but like most politicians they are all liars….big time. Liars and scumbags. No wonder why Americans are so pissed off now. As for all of that is fed ex or ups going to deliver the peridodicals or the other things that need to be delivered at a reasonable price. Believe it or not there are still people out there to that want to pay there bills with a ck to. I say get rid of this creep.

  • Geo

    Issa, the Cash-Cow must go. Just shut up and end the biggest source of funds, (the shadow tax,) the Federal Government doesn’t admit to. You say the Postal Service is entirely funded by postage, well that’s true, but there is so much surplus going into the Federal Coffers especially now that automation has eliminated near 200,000 positions, the Federal government needs that money to execute the War On Terror, or any middle east conflict now in action. Don’t rob your pork-barrel projects, just work the USPS personnel to death and steal those retirement funds by making them overpay through the nose. Your hands are deep in the cookies-jar my friend.

  • Kanye West

    Maybe people need to look into Issa’s tainted past as a car thief. A thief shouldn’t preside over anything.

  • Rural mail lady

    The postal service thinks maybe it can do without Darrel Issa. Who the hell is he anyway?

  • Newt Gingrich

    Keep voting republican and we (the corportate world) will own you all and you will be making less than min wage soon with no benifits…….I love Darrel so much.. reminds me of myself.

  • OG

    Im late with my comment since Ive been out of town for a few days. Issa is a corporate Republican who looks out for business interests at the expense of public service employees and wishes that he can bring about the forces of postal privatization. He has some kind of credulous belief that private mail delivery for-profit companies can actually process and deliver to every address cheaper and more efficiently. My dog knows better than that!


  • Retiree

    Just proves my point, A Union worker voting for a Republican, is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders ! Think about IT!!

  • Thinker

    Let’s just dump San Diego in the Ocean with Issa first!!!! Seems the population who elected him needs a cleaning.

  • xcarrier

    Careful, Mr Issa remember your but 1 man there are 600,000 VOTING americans that work for the Post Office.
    Plus one PMG Maybe we should get rid of politicains like you.

  • Ted

    Darrell Issa is an arrogant and typical republican douchebag who has literally no common sense knowledge when it comes to the Postal Service. Flip flopping for votes and then attempting to shadow John Kasich and destroy anything and everything for hard working Americans. Arrogant and self centered with zero logic.

  • DJR

    This guy, ISSA is an IDIOT!!! you people have voted him in and look what goes on. I am a firm believer that these politicians do not care about anyone else but themselves.. I bet MR ISSA is happen with all the $$$ that he gets from the unions… Lets get rid of most of these politicians and we will see how much money this country can save…

  • tom

    Idiotic Self Serving A-_ _ _ _

  • mailer

    What else is new..GOP hates blue collar union workers!What union brought down bear stearns,IGA etc?Blue collar dollars bailed em out!