Senator Mark Pryor says USPS fails to keep communities informed about PO closures

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Senator Mark Pryor today gave the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) a failing grade for its efforts to keep communities informed about potential post office closures.

The USPS currently has an operating deficit of over $8 billion and may be forced to close up to 2,000 post offices. While Senator Pryor agreed that the USPS needs to implement cost-cutting measures to reduce their deficit, he urged the USPS to keep communities a priority in the process. Specifically, he requested the USPS fairly review post offices on a case-by-case basis, provide clear criteria about post office closures, and notify residents about community meetings.

“USPS has lost billions over the last few years, and it should take steps to improve fiscal viability. Allowing customers to share their views about how local closures will impact their communities must be part of this process,” Pryor said. “The postal service is not doing an adequate job of keeping communities involved.”

Possible closures in Arkansas include: Alicia, Board Camp, Wilson, State University, Gepp, Goodwin, Ida, Monroe, Peach Orchard, Pineville, Wideman, Johnson City, Springdale, East Camden, Camden and Driver.

Senator Pryor Letter to PMG

  • anonymous

    Senator Pryor’s list is far from complete.

  • D. Sorrells

    The Postal Service is going through the back door to close offices. They are consolidating delivery all over the country, claimig that it is a cost savings, but in reality, it will cost billions! If we would get back to the basic services of delivering the mail, and providing good customer service, we would excel beyond belief. We spend too much time, and a tremendous amount of money chasing a number that means nothing to our customers, and they are the reason that we exist. If congress wants to help, they should have the OIG conduct an audit on waste. Have them take a look at the SOP on how to pull mail out of a blue collection box, it doesn’t take rocket science, yet there is an 84 step SOP on how it should be done. Once we have pulled the mail out of this box, we submit 5 electronic reports to certify that we have followed ths SOP, and print them out, (even though any manager can check the web site to make sure that it has been reported), multiply that by 32,000 offices and calculate the paper and toner expense for this daily task. This is just one very tiny way in which we sinfully waste money. The public really needs to know how much money has been spent to deliver just one piece of $4.90 priority mail , just to make a number, a false one at that. Rather than let it be just one day late, we have paid employees up to three hours and a couple hundred miles to make that goal. I think it needs to be investigated. I think these numbers, that we are forced to meet, at any cost, is the reason Mr. Potter got his outrageous incentive package!

  • Proud Product of the USA

    There needs to be more oversight on the Postal Service’s goal to close Post Offices. I have been witness to them closing A Post Office that was profitable without any input from the community. They have lost money by their decision to close this Post Office when it was making money.