APWU Sets Briefings on Tentative Agreement

Members of the union’s Negotiating Team will conduct briefings on the Tentative Agreement in the locations listed below.APWU members who wish to attend a meeting in their area should contact their National Business Agent or Regional Coordinator for specific information about the time and site.Union members who are unable to attend may be able to participate via telephone. Click here to find out how to contact national union officers in your area.

March 17 – Charlotte, NC
March 19 – Cincinnati, OH
March 21 – New York, NY
March 22 – Washington, DC
March 23 – Birmingham, AL
March 25 – Minneapolis, MN
March 26 – Tulsa, OK
March 30 – Denver, CO
April 1 – Portland, OR
April 3 – Las Vegas, NV
April 6 – San Antonio, TX
April 8 – Tampa, FL

via Briefings on the Tentative Agreement.

  • Union_Carrier

    Get answers before casting your vote! Your tentative agreement calls for percentage pay raises. Ask yourself percentages to what? The current NALC contract’s raises where ALL based on the saleries during the time of the new contract. They where not rolled in on a yearly basis resulting in a dwindeling of each percentage as the years progressed. NALC’s pay raise percentages where also for straight level six carriers. So if you where a step 2 swing man you would not receive the full percentages allowed under the contract. Also, I would get clarification on what percentage increase you will be paying for health care. Several dollars a pay period isn’t very informative. The same mathamatical theory applies to the COLAs. If they are not rolled in the prior year you will actually be receiving less percentage wise!

  • Postal Expert

    You should check your facts before publishing! Percent increases are always applied to a base salary schedule. Level 2 carrier does get full %. COLAs are rolled in immediately upon payment, but the %increases are based upon the base schedule so there is no impact. A 1% raise will be the same dollar value throughout the life of the contract.