USPS denies it has reached a contract agreement with APWU

Via Twitter from the Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe:

#USPS spokesman denies rumors of an agreement between the #Postal Service and @APWUnational on a new long-term #labor contract.Mar 13 via HootSuite

  • 24 year veteran

    Negotiations between the union and the USPS seems to be like the communications between management and the employees doesn’t it??

  • waleye

    wow , how big is the bed there all sleeping in

  • Fresno CA Vet

    I agree with 24 yr Vet.. comms do ‘sound familiar’!

    and to waleye… Wha? They have a bed? No wonder the USPS is in the red! 😉

    Seems like the Military.. Hurry up! .. oh, have a seat and wait! 🙁

  • trout

    It seems like the employees can’t let go of the past….conditions are much better than they’ve ever been…management lets us get away with murder and still we complain…..

  • waleye

    i think someone needs to go back to room 204b

  • BS

    waleye your a carrier, Right? it is spelled their not there basic grade school english

  • Wildcat

    Don’t blast someone unless you know.It’s They’re

  • brian

    Good one Wildcat! Always like it when the spelling correctors embarrass themselves!

  • paul

    Employeed for 35 yrs at the USPS and still we have individuals who believe in what the higher ups tell them. Wake up people there is no Easter Bunny, Santa or truth from the the USPS!!!!! The truth is in the actions not the words. If you see it believe it and if it is not concrete then there is no contract. Hey Trout, get real.

  • mike

    hey 35 year vet paul, your right with Trout. I actually think Trout is management pretending to be a craft employee. If you read the post when Trout refer to craft he says the employees putting craft into third person and distancing themselves. but then trout refers to management as second person and uses the word us like someone does when they want to be included into a classification. Its always funny to read post, generally when theres craft bashing it is easy to simply use the words spoken to tell whom spewish trash. Trout if your management hope you keep your job, probably liking the no lay off union craft have. Wash them ties.

  • perk

    all of you grow up