Report: APWU and USPS reach contract deal?

No details or confirmation, but a tweet from the Mid Florida APWU Local claims the union and the USPS have reached a contract agreement. Stay tuned…

The APWU and USPS have reached a deal on a Contract. A conference call will be held today (Saturday) to go over… 12 via Facebook

Twitter / @Leesa Rhoden: The APWU and USPS have rea ….

Update: The tweet appears to have been deleted…

Update: from the Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe:

#USPS spokesman denies rumors of an agreement between the #Postal Service and @APWUnational on a new long-term #labor contract.Mar 13 via HootSuite

  • waleye

    i heard last week they were 95 percent from being done . i really hate that we as union members have to look on these web sites for any information

  • smalltown

    I agree. Why in the hell wouldn’t the union let their members know what is going on for weeks on end.

  • ginger

    can you say sell out? We are screwed and let the big wigs of the postal service get raises now watch!!

  • jacob

    It is going to be a two tier system.
    New workers will get almost half what we get.

  • anon

    because we’ve been sold out, and the union doesn’t want to face any of us!!!!!

  • would be nice

    This contract goes down before frantic friday when PMG Donahue announces slash and burn for the districts, areas, pooms and mini pooms? It is all moot anyway if the collective bargaining gets ripped out by an out of control republican tea bagging congress

    Maybe its there but it would be surprising to me. Arbitration was going to roll the dice but that was going to be the final game plan

  • mike

    i heard from my nba last week it would be announced this week after the presidents meeting. said we have no lay off saved, will get colas and get more mgmt work back to craft however obama has frozen all wages increases for fed employees for two years which also means us. was told we have accepted crossing craft work in our favor which will start a war between us and nalc but they have rode our negotations for years its about us this time. Heard apwu will also now public support sat closings since windows will still operate our craft wont take a hit on that one. was told to throw out old contract book but in the end nba thought it will help both usps and apwu since in the end we are needing the usps as a whole to survive as hard as it is too say. said guffey want to be more open and informative with membership like moe biller than burrus ever was. we can only hope and stand united. republicans want to kill us unions we have a long hard fight ahead.

  • Edd

    Wages and benefits are high compared to other workers doing similar work (basically unskilled work). Unless you been out in the private sector, you do not realize how good you have it. They should take the private express statues off and then we can compete freely and not care what the general public says about our high wages and benefits.

  • jacob

    I am a clerk and I think the most secure
    position is being a carrier. There is no
    way the NALC is going to let us keep our
    seniority when we get excised to carrying

  • ajkearney

    Read Article 12 of the contrace and you will understand all the seniorty issues. Being a Carrier may seem more secure to you but everyone is worried about their jobs. As far as negotiating with the NALC they broke off ties to the APWU not the other way around. But we are probably all better off for it. Sometimes both sides are heard better that way and we all benefit.

  • mike

    “guffey want to be more open and informative with membership like moe biller than burrus ever was”…
    REALLY?!? What have we heard about the current contract? Nothing! Is anything posted on this site anything more than rumor? NOPE!! How is this more open and informative? Wake up!

  • cb196

    It will be the best thing for older clerks. Every clerk that came into our office and switch to carring is sitting at home injuried. Never have to retire.

  • wormburner

    Hey, Edd, whoa. Others in the private sector doing similar work would be fedx and ups drivers, they make more per hour than we do. Or maybe you want to look at 18 wheelers, pretty big pay there also. But, yes, more than most factory and manual labor employment, however that is not similar.

  • The G Man

    I don’t want to jump into conclusions before they give us the full details about our new contract, but I can tell you one thing for sure it is not going to be pretty,most of us that got exesed out of our bid positions were replaced not by carriers or other clerks, we were replaced by supervisors, office managers, and even a few post masters if you think Iam kidding you, just take a trip to the north torrance ca office and see it for yourself, so tell me who are the ones with down time they are the highest paid clerks in the postal service.

  • Rumpot

    Obama can`t freeze our pay. It is not frozen. We don`t get paid by the government.

  • Yuri

    Mike, you are in error about the wage freeze. Postal employees are not affected by Obama’s orders. The rationale is that we do not take tax dollars; thus, the exemption. Thank God.

  • mike

    to those in response to the obama wage freeze; i like yourselfs hope that is not true since we havent had a raise in a long time contrary to public belief however remember that when you say we are not part of fed.governement you are forgetting FERS and thriftsavings. We are part of the fed government in some areas so I am not discounting my NBA response that this directive will apply to us as well. It would be easier to classify us either private or completely federal but til that day we do ahere to some federal statues we somtimes forget about. I shall hope until then that I am the one wrong about the wage freeze but we do have to follow fers and thrift which are federal programs put upon us shall we not forget.

  • Nutzy

    Clerks are going to take A real hit.They are the sheepel of USPS.

  • M14jeff

    I think we can all guess that many of the changes that will be taking place will make employees a bit unhappy. I also know that many employees are eligible to retire, without an early out offer. Many employees will also become eligible to retire with the upcoming VER. If you are miserable at work then why not retire? I am not trying to be sarcastic with this statement; I am serious. I was unhappy at work and I retired. You have to decide how much it means to you to go.

  • jacob

    i have been excised and still don’t have enough
    work !

  • Jacqueline

    I thank GOD that I have better life than most of the poeple in the nation and around the world.
    PS. Keep the USPS alive!

  • Linda

    We are an Level 18 office with two clerks how will this lead clerk position affect us or won’t it? We are both part-time clerks

  • spunky d

    Vote No on the contract! Read into it. It’s not as good as they are making it out to be!