NALC denounces Wisconsin ambush on worker rights

NALC President Fredric Rolando decried the actions of the governor of Wisconsin and his allies in the Wisconsin state senate in approving legislation to strip collective-bargaining rights from Wisconsin’s state and local government employees Wednesday night.

"Leaving aside the deceit and the bad faith bargaining displayed over the past several days, what the Wisconsin GOP and Governor Walker did last night was shameful," Rolando said. "Using a state budget crisis caused by a great recession created on Wall Street to attack the fundamental rights of Wisconsin public employees to bargain for middle-class wages, benefits and working conditions is just plain wrong."

After three weeks of calling the union-busting portion of the so-called budget repair bill "essential" to closing the state’s budget deficit, and after promising not to act on the legislation without the Democrats’ participation, Wisconsin’s Republicans violated the state’s open meetings law and used a parliamentary maneuver to force a rushed vote in favor of the measure while the Democratic caucus remained out of state in protest of the bill’s provisions. The legislation to strip state and local employees of their right to bargain collectively was approved by a vote of 18-1 by the GOP caucus in the state senate. The state assembly is expected to follow suit soon.

President Rolando is urging NALC members to prepare for a long struggle: "We may have lost this battle, but the fight has just begun. The attack on worker rights in Wisconsin has ignited the labor movement nationwide like nothing else in years. This is not over; the unions will fight this in the courts and at the ballot box. Our members in the state and around the country will do everything we can to fight back, beginning with recall elections that will seek to remove those politicians who have unfairly voted to strip Wisconsin’s public employees of their fundamental rights. As our colleagues in the Wisconsin state AFL-CIO have vowed, ‘this will not stand’."

via Latest News | ‘This is not over; we will win at ballot box’.

  • JIM R.

    took a strike by letter carrier in 1970 to make congress and the administration realize the need to recognize postal unions if they wanted peace in the work place. it is only through benefits gained in bargaining rather than begging, that caused an influx of dedicated workers who care about the services they render. Working together through bargaining makes for a better workplace, better employment conditions and mutual respect between unions and management. In addirion benefits gained through bargaining are passed on to non union employees whose wages and working conditions have improved through the efforts of the unionized.

  • trout

    I hope Rolando will decide to concentrate more on the needs of the NALC than Wisconsin. Mutual respect between unions and mangement is not something the NALC wants.

  • Larry

    any union member who votes republican should be looked at the same way we look at the scabs who work along side us. Republicans are for big business and they hate the fact that as unions we have rights. seek out those who voted republican and ostracize them

  • John Potter


    You are a Dumb*ss. 100’s of millions?

    Clinton didn’t “send” anyone to arbitration (though you got level 6 while he was in office)…. And Obama, he’s not the one with the union problem…

  • ZACK

    Assume the “Crash Position”. Bend over and grab your ankles!

  • ZACK

    Now that the teachers union has been defeated, the Governor can now focus on destroying the Police and Fire Dept. unions. “One at a time” is the strategy. You certainly can’t have everyone striking or calling in sick at once.

  • Rational Thinker

    Walker and his minions say that it is wrong for unions to be able to NEGOTIATE contracts with the people they help elect. How hypocritical is that?! Politicians vote for their own raises, benefits and perks! They negotiate with themselves! All the while they are accepting gifts and trips from their rich friends. Walker and everybody that thinks like him wants to completely destroy the middle class. They must be stopped. And if some Democrats want to keep their jobs, they better start fighting for the middle class on every issue and not just when its comfortable!

  • Michael

    Pucker up NALC they’re coming for you next.