APWU members demonstrate at White House

APWU members demonstrated in front of the White House asking that the Administration return the billions of dollars the USPS has been overcharged for pension benefits. The demonstration was not endorsed by the union’s national leadership:

In response to APWU President Guffey’s call for help, Rank and File Members of the American Postal Workers Union demonstrated in front of the White House about CSRS and FERS Pension and Health benefits over funding. Correction of the funding formula and return of overpayments ($75 Billion+) would help to make the USPS fiscally sound, saving jobs and mail service. The USPS is not supported or funded by taxes and the current Obama administration proposes, as part of their overall budget package, "relief" for the USPS by taxpayer dollars.

The rally was also in support of the public sector unions who recently came under assault by politicians concerning their collective bargaining rights.

  • Jerry G

    That was terrific, where are our spineless union leaders.they should be organizing marches in support of our brother unions. The government and postal management use the philosophy of divide and conquer.

  • Tony J

    APWU Leadership would not come out as there was no free steak or drinks and its cold outside.

  • Unforgiven

    APWU finally holds a demonstration that is justified and sensible and where’s the APWU leadership(cough)?

  • jacob

    This is sad. The Postal Service is
    going to need the the APWU to
    stop demanding that they do not
    consolidate operations. First Class
    mail is continuing to fall and we
    continue to fight every change
    the PMG wants to make. He also
    want to get our overpayment and
    our pre funding dealt with, but he
    realizes that our problems our much
    more than that. If I have to move or
    change crafts to keep my job that is
    life. Most places would just say your

  • Rob

    APWU leadership probably did not want to particpate because of any possible percieved or real conflict with ongoing negotiations w/Management. The media could twist APWU leadership participation into something negative.

  • dryMAILman

    Where does APWU leadership stand on Phase 2 of Northrop Grumman’s Flats Shuffler Shredder (FSS) initiative? Where does my union (NALC) stand? Has anyone shown how to carry the output? Is anyone awake?

  • Conscientious Clerk

    There are more staffers at APWU Headquarters , 100 earning $75,000 per year , than those in the protest.

    The national did well to avoid this spectacle ~

  • tony

    Forget NALC, THEY STOPPED FIGHTING LONG AGO, stop flushing your dues payment down the toilet.Break away from NALC, break away from local 1091.

  • trout

    sounds like a lot of solidarity in these comments.

  • Randy Zelznick

    50+ Demontrators handed out these informational flyers to the public onlookers: